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So I made a thread similar to this asking how powerful you think Goku would be if he had a power level of a Googol (One hundred zeroes after a one so it would be 10^100 and it’s where Google got it’s name from) and his power level only reaches in the trillions range based on my own calcs. Not even close to a Googol. I even asked how powerful he would be if he had the power of a googolplex which is 10^10^100.

It’s so large it can’t even fit into an image. Notice the scrolling bar is so small because the number is so large.

If you tried to print all of the zeros in a googolplex in 1 point font, the result would be a line that could stretch from one side of the visible universe to the other (60-80 billion light years according to current observation and theory) and possibly make the trip around at least once more, assuming that there was enough matter in the universe for that process to take place.

Now my question is, what if Goku had Graham’s Number as a power level? It’s so far the largest number given a name. And it’s higher than even a Googolplexplexplex. And it can't even be written out. It might be impossible to even contain the number in our universe. Now how powerful do you think he would be?

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@LelouchCommandsYou: he would explode due to his pl being too high and take out several universes with him.

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Powerful enough to blink 99.9% of fiction out of existence.

@Shadowchaos said:

@LelouchCommandsYou: he would explode due to his pl being too high and take out several universes with him.

Or this, I was assuming you meant he could withstand the power

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@ImDictatorBowDown: Yeah. In the case he could withstand it. But like all power levels in Dragon Ball, they just need to have trained enough to match it. With the right training any power level is possible. It only causes them to explode if they get it without the training like with the Kaio-Ken. The Kaio-Ken can multiply his power by any fold and it puts his body under unatural strain. But if he were to train, then he could wield that power without it and manage it as it would be more natural.

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Well see, at least in the DBZ universe, there is a limit to how powerful a character can get before any further power-ups don't matter anymore. With a power level this high, Goku would be able to destroy literally everything in any universe that has a physical presence, but would be powerless to defeat omnipotent or neigh-omnipotent beings, since DBZ hasn't shown to be able to have power at that level yet. At this power level, one ki blast from Goku would destroy multiple universes in an instant. However, if he can't touch the omnipotents, he would still be put down.

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Idunno, powerlevels are useless for determining stats.

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@Vapovile: Well it depends. There are very few characters who generally meet the true definition of omnipotence. Almost everything except for creator gods who own a multiverse or a universe not a part of one, has some way to be touched by spiritual or supernatural means. Ki is essentially both spiritual and supernatural (What with it's ability to resist magic like mind control and the kind that Bills and other gods have). So it might just be able to actually physically touch beings like Living Tribunal since even Thanos with the right equipment could take him on and other cosmic beings. And usually the equipment is supernatural in nature.

So with enough Ki/power level (And a Googol alone is massively many more times than anyone in Z) someone could probably shit stomp on Living Tribunal and other beings like Galactus. Unless we are talking about creator gods like TOAA and The Presence, then the chances that someone could take on a person with a power level of Grahams Number, would be slim to none. There are numbers that are so high like Grahams Number that it may as well be infinity unless they reach their limit. And someone with Grahams Number as a power level would make even most versions of Superman's limits seem very finite.

First you have to realize how high the number is. It is not possible to write down the number of digits in Graham's number in a lifetime, because there are too many digits (at least, one can't write the number of digits it has down in the usual decimal notation).

In fact, if you took all the numbers you had ever seen written out as digits in your life (including the ones written in scientific notation), including as many copies of each number as the number of times you had ever seen that number, and applied them as exponents to each other, one after the other, then this would be far, far smaller than Graham's number.

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