Goku (GT) + Shenron how powerfull is he?

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Not a battle i know but i didn't know where to post it anywhere else so here goes: How strong do you think Goku is when he merged with Shenron at the end of GT?. Will Goku inherit Shenron's Wishing Powers or will it be more like seperate powers something like The Shadow Dragons control over Fire/Wind/Water etc. Do you think that Shenron has an positive energy form, The Black Smoke Dragon was created because the Dragonballs had to much Negative Energy, so is the Default Shenron an already positive Shenron or something like Neurtal. If Goku inherits Shenron's Wishing Powers, could he use them freely or will he have limitations. How big a power boost will Goku have when merging with Shenron, Shenron as he normally apears is physically very weak, King Piccolo i believe killed Shenron with an Energy Blast, but when filled with Negative Energy and later split into the 7 Shadow Dragons, there all very powerfull, Syn Shenron being the strongest.

Its clear that Shenron is not all-powerfull because he displayed that he has limitations such as: Not able to restore the Barrier from Other World/Hell/Heaven that Janemba destroyed. Not turning Android 17/18 into Humans. There was another weird instance after the Frieza saga, Goku's friends tried to wish Goku back to Earth after they found out he was alife, when everybody was exstatic about Goku returning to Earth Shenron interupted and said: *Goku refuses to return and says he come back later* now this strikes me as weird because if i remember correctly Shenron does not wait for nobody he just fufills his wish and goes away no bargain is ever struck, yet somehow Goku was able to tell Shenron that he will not come back, did he block Shenron's power or asked not to be wished back or am i looking to much into it. :)

Just to be clear this is Regular Shenron not Porunga or even The Ultimate Shenron who is the most powerfull Deity in DBZ Universe: http://dragonball.wikia.com/wiki/Eternal_dragon

I know this is mostly an guessing game but i would like to hear your idea's about it. If this Goku does turn out to be strong but not invincible maybe i could use him in battles :)

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at the very end goku became a monster, he alone in normal form tanked omegas strongest attack without even reacting to it, its not clear how much power he got but at least he became some sort of spirit since he was still around even many years later (even pan was old and he was there) mmmm its hard to guess his power level when he only has one or two feats.

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@othus12: Your confusing Goku when he merged with Shenron and when he was holding up the Universal Spirit Bomb. Goku was powered up by the Universal Spirit Bomb similair like when he faced Super Android 13 but i'm talking about when he merged with Shenron.

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Welll Im pretty sure he is stronger than gogeta ssj4

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@chrono122: If where talking about just physically than its very hard to say: Like i said before Shenron is physically very weak King Piccolo killed him with an mere energy blast, The Black Smoke Dragon however was very powerfull, when he first appeared Goku and friends all felt his incredibly power and where worried. Its later explaned that he was born due the Dragonballs having to much Negative Energy locked up, so that means that Shenron/Dragonballs is able to convert Negative Energy into power even Positive Energy, this is later seen when Goku swallowed the Four Star Ball and used his own Positive Energy to free Nova Shenron from Syn Shenron's influance. The question is if Goku's sole Positive Energy rivals or exeeds the Black Smoke Dragons who had Negative Energy building up since all the way to the beginning i believe, like i said Goku free'd Nova Shenron and Nova is not exactly a weakling either but does he have enough....doubtfull.

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Moved the thread.
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@othus12 said:

at least he became some sort of spirit since he was still around even many years later (even pan was old and he was there)

Actually, Goku was still around because Saiyans retain their youth much longer than humans, so even though Pan had grown old, Goku still looked young because he's a pure Saiyan. Also don't forget that physically Goku was even a little younger than Pan after he had been turned into a child.

Vegeta mentioned the Saiyan ageing thing either at the end of Z or at some point in GT.

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But since he is fused with the dragon can he even die now?

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I'd say he's got Super Saiyan 7 at the very least

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