Goku: Midnight Eye

Goku: Midnight Eye is an anime movie
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In the year 2014, private investigator Goku Furinji is contacted by former associates on the police force who are being picked off by a mysterious assailant. Left for dead after an encounter with a female hypnotist, a mysterious force gives him a high-tech stick that can change sizes and a link to every computer on the globe through his left ("midnight") eye. He uses both devices in his ongoing fight against crime. But apart from the magic staff, the name ("Goku" being Japanese for "Wu Kong"), and some luxuriant sideburns, the story bears little resemblance to the Monkey King of Journey to the West, which supposedly inspired it. It owes more to James Bond films, with the plush locations, silly plots, and breathless girls in tight dresses looking for a Real Man to sort out their problems. With the concentration on that super-duper eye of his, it also recalls the Six Million Dollar Man.

Based on a 1988 manga in Comic Burger, GME is a typical work from Buichi Terasawa, who gave us Space Adventure Cobra, Kabuto, and the as-yet-untranslated Red Brand Takeru. It was the babes that really appealed to his audience, and the anime doesn't scrimp on regularly wheeling out a beautiful, scantily clad, eye-candy girl, normally with some incredibly theatrical shtick like peacock feathers or a pair of motorcycle handlebars on her back. Other designs are similarly impressive, from flying metal devil-dogs to motorized unicycles. It's not every day you get to see a fully robed Mandarin tycoon roller-skating down the side of a skyscraper, either. LNV

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Yoshiaki Kawajiri Director Director.

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General Information Edit
Name: Goku: Midnight Eye
Release Date: Jan. 1, 1989
Release Date:
Rating: R
Runtime: 50 (mins)
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