Godzilla(1998) Characters

Godzilla(1998) is an anime movie in the Godzilla Franchise
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Baby Zilla

A group of new born Zillas they behave a lot like the raptors from "Jurassic Park". Most were killed in "Godzilla(1998)" movie but one survived and is seen in both the movie and series where it because Zilla Jr..

Nick Tatopoulos

Having a good reputation from saving New York from the original Zilla, he is now the leader of team H.E.A.T. and adoptive father of Zilla Jr.. He used to study slightly mutated worms.

Phillipe Roache

A high rating menber of the French secret service who helped kill the original Zilla. He also often helps team H.E.A.T., though at times his superiors force him to but heads with them.


Zilla also known as the American Godzilla, is a movie monster that first appeared as the title character in the 1998 Roland Emmerich film Godzilla. The design by Patrick Tatopoulos is that of a hunched bent-over marine iguana.

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