The Return of GODZILLA

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 Pray he doesn't trip.
 Pray he doesn't trip.

Legendary has announced their plans to give the giant atomic lizard another shot at big screen urban destruction. There’s really not much else to be said about that, aside from the fact that there’s apparently going to be a simultaneous revival that’ll manifest as a 40-minute 3D Imax movie from GODZILLA VS. HEDORAH director Yoshimitsu Banno.   Audiences will feel like they, themselves, are getting crushed under a big scalely foot.

It’s been about 12 years since that awful American version which, despite critics and audiences’ dislike, managed to gross something around $400 million worldwide.  Legendary Pictures, which has produced the upcoming CLASH OF THE TITANS remake and blockbusters like THE DARK KNIGHT, asserts that this will have no relation to it, thankfully.  Though, I’ll confess that the ‘98 flick’s landed in my select category of “bad movie, good theme song” as Diddy sampling Led Zepplin while having a dance-off with the big lizard will always appeal to me. 

 What performance artist lurks under that rubber?
 What performance artist lurks under that rubber?

I suppose the only question now, goes to you, the radioactively-mutated Anime Vice community. Would you prefer a well-rendered CGI Godzilla or man-in-rubber-suit Godzilla for this? Would you hope to see Godzilla wrestle in a tie-in with Kaiju Big Battel, like I do?

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I'm pretty partial to the man-in-suit Godzilla. Could be that the previous American attempt turned out to be so un-Godzilla. It was an OK giant monster film but not really a Godzilla film.
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@Tom_Pinchuk: WHY? why bring up that horrible sh!t stain on the franchise? Why compare the original Godzilla with the Zilla movie even though the original company had little to nothing to do with that pile of radioactive cr@p!!!  You should be ashamed of yourself for reminding people it even exists!! 
Aside from that moment of nerd rage i say that i still love the suit Gojira more i hope it never changes since its is a tradition in the entire franchise

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 man-in-rubber-suit Godzilla
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They should totally use man-in-suit and CG.  It would be the best movie of all time.
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I never got into Godzilla, i've seen clips that would indicate a few movies appeared in MST3K, i will proabably let that be my first  real experince with godzilla
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I just hope they don't mess it up. LONG LIVE THE KING OF MONSTERS! GODZILLA!
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I'm all for a storyline which proposes that the only thing which can defeat a CG Godzilla is a man in a rubber Godzilla suit.
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 Toho had a little more control then that, go to this link and see.    
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the original GODZILLA pawned Zillia like he was nothen lol!
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