Godzilla: The Series Concepts

Godzilla: The Series is an anime series in the Godzilla franchise
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Alien Languages

Aliens who speak in their own language


Beings from another planet.


A fictional being that is part organic and part machine.


A group of animals that went extinct 65 million years ago. They often appear in or influenced various manga/anime.


H.E.A.T. or Humanitarian Environmental Analysis Team is a organization formed after the destruction of the first Zilla. The organization both studies and protects the world from violent mutations.

Horror & Monsters

A common theme in several anime and manga.


A living thing that's been mutated often by unnatural means. Most mutants gain powers or become a completely new species.

Real Robot

Opposite of super robots, real robots are tools of war and usually well armed, but fragile. Require a lot of pilot skills to be used effectively.

Science Fiction And Robots

Seen in many animes and mangas.

Sea Monster

A creature/monster that lives in the sea or ocean.

Super Robot

Super Robots are mecha with super strength, rocket punch attacks and piloted by hotblooded heroes.

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