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In the year 1999, humanity starts to advance beyond the confines of the solar system, encountering the evil Emperor Zaul of Planet Gishin. Takeru Akigami of the Earth Defense Force "Cosmocrushers" discovers that he was sent from Gishin as a sleeper agent 17 years previously. He is forced to choose between his two homes, deciding to defend Earth as one of the pilots of the six-part Godmars robot, which forces him into a tragic conflict with his elder brother Mark, who has chosen the other side.

This series was very loosely based on Mitsuteru Yokoyama's 1976 Mars manga from Shonen Champion magazine, itself a retelling of Yokoyama's earlier Babel II. The shows were recut to make a 1982 movie (released in the U.S. as Godmars), and Masakazu Iijima also directed GM: Legend of Seventeen (1988), a one-shot video retelling the life of the doomed Mark.

After the success of "retro" series like Giant Robo, the story was remade on video with greater faith to Yokoyama's original as Mars (1994) by Junji Nishimura, who had also worked on Godmars. It restored the original manga's storyline of a young boy in suspended animation inside a South Sea volcano who awakens a century before his alien masters planned to use his powers to reduce human civilization to a manageable low-tech level. As with his Godmars counterpart, however, he chooses to adopt the human race as his own and fight the invaders. This story, closer in attitude to the original manga, was remade a second time as New Century Mars (Shinseikiden Mars, 2002), a 13-episode TV series broadcast on AT-X.

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Name Godmars
Romaji: Rokushin Gattai Godmars
Publisher ?
Start Year 1981
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Aliases Hexademonic Symbiote Godmars Six-God Union Godmars
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