Goddess of Greed

Goddess of Greed is an anime episode of Speed Grapher that was released on 04/15/2005

Kagura wakes from a dream where she saw herself kissing an ugly old man with braces. She feels a little weak as she stumbles around trying to find her uniform, but eventually manages to find and put it on. She gets in a limo on top of a large tower in the middle of Tokyo and goes to school after her mother Shinsen hands her a homemade lunch. The limo rides down a giant elevator while Shinsen and Chouji Suitengu both take a seperate elevator. Shinsen mentions that she is jealous of Kagura's beauty.

Later at school, Kagura's classmates tease her about her lunch, and accidentally open it to find that her mother gave her nothing but an empty container while the limo driver is eating a real lunch outside. Kagura then faints and wakes up to find her sensei sitting in the nurse's office by her bed. She gives Kagura some food which Kagura eats, but has trouble digesting, which leads her sensei to conclude that her mother has been abusing her. The sensei then decides to meet with her mother.

When Kagura comes home, she spots a few small berry plants lining the hallway and scarfs them down. Suddenly, she hears high-pitched gasps coming from a nearby room and peeks in to see her sensei being eaten out by Shinsen. Kagura runs away, as Shinsen tells her teacher that she can run out with as much money as she can carry, as long as she leaves her clothes in the room. As Kagura cringes from the sight, her sensei runs by her with stacks of yen bills in her arms. As Suitengu arrives, Shinsen remarks that she was teaching Kagura how anything can be bought with enough money.

As Suitengu rides with Kagura to her piano lessons, Kagura sees a billboard with a smiling poor child that says "Are You Happy?" and wonders how someone so poor could be so happy, when being part of a rich family has brought her so much sadness. She tells Suitengu that she thinks that the poor must have freedom, but Suitengu answers that the poor are miserable because they are forced to work everyday for enough money to survive.

During the piano lessons, Kagura complains about a strange smell in the piano teacher's house. Suitengu and the piano teacher go to another room where they see a rotting angel, and the teacher complains that he needs new, nimble hands to keep his business going. Suitengu responds that he's going to arrange for the VIP members of his secret club to view the goddess, and that she might grant him his wish. Suitengu goes back into the room while Kagura is playing piano and whispers something into her ear.

The scene switches back to the end of the first episode, where Tatsumi Saiga is being kissed by the goddess and appears to be recoiling in pain. Suitengu orders his guards to kill him, and they cut Saiga across the chest.

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