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In 2047 humanity is threatened by Mimetic Beasts, savage creatures from the depths of the Earth that spread a virus turning people into similar monsters. Earth's last hope is the Dannars, symbiotic robots that have fought the Mimetic Beasts to a temporary standstill. Since the Dannars require dual pilots with close emotional contact, they are often piloted by siblings, relatives, or teams comprising husbands and wives. Consequently, tragedy is inevitable. Dannar pilot Go Saruwatani loses his wife in the early days of the assault, but is finally preparing to walk down the aisle again, this time with Anna, a girl he rescued as a child, but who is now 16. When a surprise attack threatens the wedding, Anna rushes to Go's aid in the top secret Neo-Okusaer robot, demonstrating an aptitude for Dannar piloting much to her husband's annoyance-Earth needs pilots, but Go doesn't want another dead wife.

Godannar has the best of both worlds: romance applied to military sci-fi (with the eye candy that is liable to bring): a giant robot drama with crossover potential for the aging fan, who can believe that even if he is no longer the age of the stereotypical "hot-headed protagonist" of other shows, fate might still bring him a barely legal spouse with an interest in robots. Godannar acknowledges this appeal to the more mature fan with a reference that will only make sense to men in their forties (or serious fans)-a character named Tetsuya Koji, named in homage to Tsurugi Tetsuya and Kabuto Koji, two pilots from the Mazinger Z franchise. Meanwhile, in a combination of the age-swaps of Marvelous Melmo or its mundane equivalent My Wife is 18 (*DE), Anna gets to flip between the role of competent adult and hapless ingenue, depending on what she wants out of her husband-Lolita Anime without the psychological or erotic subtext. However, it also contains fairy-tale elements lifted from Beauty and the Beast and Sleeping Beauty, since Go is infected with the Mimetic virus and put in cryongenic storage while his wife searches for a cure, before the final race against time to win a battle in Tokyo against the Ultimate Evolution Beast, the product of all existing Mimetic Beasts merging into one huge creature. A second season followed in 2004. V

Series Credits
Person Name Episode Count
Tsukasa Kotobuki

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General Information Edit
Name Godannar
Name: 神魂合体ゴーダンナー!!,
Romaji: Shinkon Gattai Godannar
Publisher AIC
Start Year 2003
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Aliases God and Spirit Combination Godannar
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