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Mage Of The Beginning

The first Mage and the Creator of the Magical World

Al Azif

Al Azif is a character that originates from the visual novel for adults Zanma Taisei Demonbane and appears in the Demonbane anime. She is the original copy of the Necronomicon, although she is usually in the form of a young girl.


Ameno-sagiri is a being within the Midnight Channel and the creator of the Shadows. It believes itself to be the granter of a human's deepest desire.


Anthrax is the god of destruction. He has destroyed the civilisation and the ancient world once before asleep. Now, Kal Su and his followers try to awaken him once more.

Anubis Ma'at

An Egyptian god who is not enrolled in the school.

Apollon Agana Belea

The Greek god of the sun. His father is Zeus and his uncle is Hades.


Main villain in the "Mnemosyne" saga and master of torturing immortals and devouring their memories.


A god who has become a heavy alcoholic.

Balder Hringhorni

The Norse god of light. He is clumsy and ungraceful but attracts small animals to him.


Bills is one of 12 gods of destruction in the Dragon Ball Multiverse and is feared as the God of Destruction Bills. He is the strongest villain the Z Fighters have ever fought.


Belldandy is the first of the three goddesses who comes to live with Keiichi. She is summoned when Keiichi accidentally calls the Goddess Hotline and stays by his side at his request. She loves her sister goddesses and friends deeply and she has feelings for Keiichi.

Dai Kaio

Dai Kaioshin

Unknown Character but has shown to be a kami of a galaxy


A Namekian who takes over as Earth's guardian. He recreated the Dragon Balls to the model of the Namekian Dragon Balls.

Deus Ex Machina

A God of Time and Space. He is the mastermind behind the [Future] Diary Games.

Devil Z

God of the Decepticons, appears in the Masterforce series of Transformers. Devil Z is an energy being.

Dionysus Thyrsos

The god of wine and fertility.

Elder Kai

Elder Kai is a Supreme Kai that was sealed in the Z Sword for generations


Self proclaimed god of Sky Island, SkyPiea, after he dethroned the previous ruler. He holds the power of the Goro-Goro Fruit.


The Greek Goddess of Chaos and the main villain of the first Saint Seiya film.


Fenrir is the wolf son of Loki and Angrboda.


The God of Light, Genma Lord, the greatest and oldest enemy of the Oni clan


Freyr is the brother of the Norse goddess Freyja. He is a talented gadgeteer and thief sent to Earth to kill Loki.

Gan Fall

Gan Fall is the noble former God, ruler, of Skypiea. He was overthrown by Enel and turned to a mercenary knight of the White Sea.


A Shinigami that fell in love with a human. When he prevented her death out of love, he died himself.


A human ally of the Autobots and an Autobot Godmaster, later becomes Victory Leo at which point he can combine with Star Saber to become Victory Saber


The main antagonist in Go Nagai's Demon Lord Dante. God is a energy base being that came to earth and destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah. The survivors of the city were turned into Devils due to it's residual energies.


Gonta is a young fox god, he has a big crush on Yuza, and spends days daydreaming about her.


The villain of Hercules who joins Maleficent's group.

Hades Aidoneus

The Greek god of the Underworld. He is Apollon's uncle and Zeus's brother.

Hagoromo Ohtsutsuki

Hagoromo Ohtsutsuki Is The First Person To Be Born With Chakra And The Rinnegan He Is The Legendary Priest Monk Who Defeated The Shinju And Divide It's Chakra To Create The 1-9 Tailed Beast And Thus Created The Moon And Created The Senju And Uchiha Following There Dojutsu's.


A god reincarnated as a duck, Hamsa is Bacchus's companion.

Hanyuu Furude

A Paranormal Girl Whom Rika Only Sees

Haruhi Suzumiya

She's the central character in The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya franchise as well as the president of the SOS Brigade. She's brash, restless, and completely unaware of her own massive powers.


Hel is the Norse goddess of the underworld and Loki's only daughter.


Hild is the leader of Hell (Daimakaicho) and the mother of Urd. She refers to herself as "we / us" when on business, but will speak of herself singularly when talking personally. She wants the goddesses to leave Earth so Hell can take over. She loves Urd deeply.


Hoenir is the leader of The God Army of the New World formed to rebuild Asgard.


Izanagi is of Fools Arcana and the Persona of the main protagonist.


Izanami is a goddess who wished to see the true secrets of humanity and had humans thrown into the TV world.

Kaguya Ohtsutsuki

Kaguya Ohtsutsuki was a princess from the era long before the formation of the ninja clans, and the villages who ate the forbidden fruit from the Divine Tree and was the first person to have chakra.


Kami is the guardian of Earthand created the dragon balls, in order to become the guardian of Earth, even after all his training, he had to separate himself from all the evil in his heart, which became known as Piccolo. He later rejoins bodies with Piccolo knowing Cell was coming.


The alien boss in the third mission.

Kanzeon Bosatsu


Kazumi Higashiyama

Kazumi Higashiyama is the human form of the Norse god Heimdall.

King Yemma

King Yemma is a Dragon Ball Z character. He is large and somewhat comical. His crown is his viking helmet.



Kofuku is the goddess of poverty.

Lisianthus Eustoma

A Half-god, half-demon, she is the princess from the world of gods. she shares her body with her much bolder twin sister Kikyou, She came to the human world to be a marriage candidate for Rin.


The sum of all evil from the Heavy Metal franchise. The Loc-Nar is contained within a glowing orb.

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