Go is a anime/manga character in the Rave Master franchise
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Go is a fictional character from Rave Master.


Go is a movie star and the boyfriend of Rosa. He is known as the man of thunder, and his Dark Bring is a war hammer. He causes a town to suffer because he needs the rain to complete his movie.


Go notes vol. 4
Go notes vol. 4

Go, who is created by Hiro Mashima, is based on a friend of the author. Hiro Mashima also states that he wants Go to show up again in the franchise after the Dancing Thunder arc (see image). Go is minor character who appears in Rave Master: Episode # 11 and volume # 2 of the Rave Master franchise. Go is voiced by Hiroshi Matsumoto in the Japanese version and Randall Montgomery in the English version.

Story Arcs

Dancing Thunder Arc

Go flexes his muscles
Go flexes his muscles

Go makes his first appearance when Elie comes inside his mansion. After cameras roll on Elie, Go realizes the "Rave Master" is a girl, so he makes everyone stop the cameras and redo the scene and script. When the cameras roll again, Go finds Elie trying to escape. Elie asks Go to open the door which Go replies with a fist thrown on the door. Go gets infuriated when Elie tells him that she is looking for a sexier man, and Go decides to flex and pose his body to make Elie change her mind. Despite his flexing and Elie's insult, Go unleashes his "Go Ken Thunderstorm" on the door. Suddenly, Haru uses Explosion on the door which sends Go flying in the air. He crashes into the wall and remains unconscious during Rosa's fight scene with Elie. After Elie saves Rosa's life from a malfunctioning chain sword, she tries to wake up Go. Go unconsciously unleash a punch at Rosa's face. When he wakes up, he sees Haru with an unconscious Rosa. Go prepares to make Haru pay for what he has done to Rosa.

As soon Go's debate on acting is finished, Go attacks Haru with his war hammer and shocks him. Although a successful shock on Haru, Go accidentally rejuvenated Haru's legs which makes Haru ready. Go makes a slow motion attack on Haru, and Haru copies him by accident. During the battle, Go's thunder attacks make Elie upset by remembering Sieg Hart in her flashback. As soon as Elie throw Plue at Go, Go blocks Plue with his hammer. Plue strikes the hammer's Dark Bring that completely shatters the whole weapon. Go gets defeated when Haru uses Explosion on him. Rosa, who wakes up, beats Go up and makes Go turn off the machine. Yet, Go cannot remember how to turn off the rain machine since it has been five years now. Plue saves the day by pressing the right button. During everyone's cheers, Go gives Elie a photo of Sieg Hart and explains that this man is dangerous due to his mastery of the elements. After his warnings, he tells them to scram.

Ska Village gets their first sunny day in five years, and Go tells Rosa that he will rebuild the town. He says that the town will honor him after his future reconstruction.

Powers and Abilities


Go's war hammer is called Angry Blitz Eclipse. His Dark Bring grants him lightning attacks.


  • Go Ken Thunderstorm = A barrage of fists.
Voiced by
Name Movies TV Shows
Hiroshi Matsumoto
General Information Edit
Name: Go
Gender: Male
1st manga book: Rave Master #4
1st anime episode: Rave Master #11
1st anime movie:
Aliases Man of Thunder
Rosa's boyfriend
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