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Cutie Honey (1973 - 4 Issues)

A Magical Girl series created by Go Nagai. Honey Kisaragi is the android daughter of Dr. Koshiro Kisaragi. He built her so that she could fight the criminal orginization Panther Claw and keep the "Airborne Element Solidifier" a device which can create anything out of their grasp.

4 issues
Cutie Honey a Go Go! (2003 - 1 Issues)

1 issue
Kekko Kamen (1974 - 1 Issues)

Kekko Kamen is about a scantily clad Superhero who protects the students of the Sparta Academy.

1 issue
Devilman Lady (1997 - 17 Issues)

A continuation of the Original Devilman manga which takes place in a alternate timeline after the previous series end.

17 issues
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Bakuratsu Kyoushitsu (1974 - 1 Issues)

1 issue
Violence Jack (1973 - 31 Issues)

A manga series created by Go Nagai. Debuting in 1973, it is one of his longest running and most popular works.

31 issues
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Violence Jack (Complete Edition) (1998 - 18 Issues)

18 issues
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Cutie Honey: Tennyo Densetsu (2001 - 9 Issues)

The third and final Cutie Honey manga series by the original creator, Go Nagai.

9 issues
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Cutie Honey '21 (unknown year - 9 Issues)

The Italian localization of the Go Nagai manga series "Cutie Honey Tennyo Densetsu".

9 issues
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Cutie Honey 90's (1992 - 2 Issues)

2 issues
Neo Devilman (1999 - 2 Issues)

Neo Devilman is various stories taking place in the original Devilman manga before Akira and Satan's final battle. The manga featured illustrations by various artists.

2 issues
Devilman (1972 - 5 Issues)

Akira Fudo's best friend, Ryo Asuka, shows him a mask his father found during an excavation of a fossilized demon skull. With this he discovers that demons are still alive and are awakening from their slumber but the only way to fight a demon, one must become one.

5 issues
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Iron Virgin Jun (1983 - 1 Issues)

On Jun's 18th birthday her family will choose a husband for her to marry. Jun has no desire to partake in this arranged marriage and decides to runaway with her servant Kratta.

1 issue
Shin Devilman (1979 - 1 Issues)

A side story to the Devilman series where Akira and Ryo travel back in time to various eras to see the effects the Demons have caused on society through out time. This series is by far the only Devilman manga that was released in America by Verotik.

1 issue
The Apocalypse of Devilman - Strange Days (2007 - 1 Issues)

A One volume side story to the Amon: The Darkside of The Devilman that tells the story of a group of friends who perform in a band together called "The Flyers" and their struggles during the end of the world.

1 issue
Amon: The Darkside of The Devilman (2000 - 6 Issues)

Taking place before the ending of Devilman. After losing Miki Akira's mind begins to snap causing him to retreat into his subconscious. Due to this Amon has broken free from Akira's cage of flesh and begins wreaking havoc on both human and demons alike.

6 issues
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Demon Lord Dante (1971 - 2 Issues)

Go Nagai's most controversial manga that was published in Bokura Magazine about a young man who after saving his sister from a satanic cult and is devoured by a powerful demon named Dante. Ryo discovers he can control Dante and is thrown in a war between the cult and God.

2 issues
Mazinger Angels (2004 - 4 Issues)

A manga series which chronicles the adventures of four women who pilot giant robots in the Mazinger vein.

4 issues
Go Nagai's Horror Story Collection - Skull Manor (1993 - 1 Issues)

A collection of five horror stories by Go Nagai that have been published in various magazines.

1 issue
Devilman vs Getter Robo (2010 - 1 Issues)

The Dinosaur Empire and Demons have joined forces in order to defeat Getter Machines and reclaim the earth however Akira Fudo/Devilman assists Ryoma Nagare and his friends against this new threat.

1 issue
Maboroshi Panty (1981 - 3 Issues)

3 issues
Mao Dante (2002 - 4 Issues)

A newer adaptation Go Nagai's classic manga.

4 issues
Devilman G (2012 - 1 Issues)

Go Nagai's latest entry in the Devilman series which is co created by Rui Takatou. Miki Makimura believes herself to be a witch who claims to own the "Ring of Solomon" a ancient item given to Solomon which he used to enslave 72 demons.

1 issue
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