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Akira Fudo

The main protagonist of the Devil Man series who after learning the existence of demons and merges with a demon in order to fight against them.


Amon is the demon that possessed Akira Fudo. To his suprise upon entering Akira's body he himself became possessed by Akira's kind will. Thuscreating the first Devil Man

Aoi Kurosaki

A character from the Devilman Lady franchise. A friend/rival of Juns from High School who developed the Devil Beast Syndrome.


Enmas guide who looks like a hat.

Danbei Hayami

The father of Seiji and Junpei. Although Danbei is a pervert he assists Honey in her fight against Panther Claw along with his sons.


The main protagonist of Go Nagai's Dororon Enma-kun.

Honey Kisaragi

A android girl who fights crime and to avenge the death of her father with the powers she gains from the Cutie System. She calls herself the warrior of love and she`s the first magical girl.

Iron Shadow

One of the original members of Panther Claw. Iron Shadow has a pet Panther named Jango.


Iron Shadows pet Panther.

Jun Asuka

The main character in Go Nagai's Manga Iron Virgin Jun. On Jun's 18th birthday her family has arranged for her to get married to a husband they choose to which Jun is not interested and decides to run away from the groom-choosing party.

Jun Fudo

The main character of the Devil Lady Series. Jun has the ability to turn into a devil.


A demon form the Devilman series who loves Silene and gave her his body to kill Akira Fudo.


One of Enmas friends and member of the Yokai-Patrol.

Kekko Kamen

Go Nagai's famous nude super heroine who is dressed only in a red, rabbit eared mask, with matching gloves, scarf, and boots. She saves Mayumi Takahashi from the Sexual Predators of Sparta Academy.

Kouji Kabuto

Lan Asuka

A character from the Devilman Lady series who works for the Human Alliance Japan. She is based off of Ryo Asuka and is a love interest to Jun Fudo.

Miki Saotome

The first of professor Kisaragi`s so called daughter and the one who killed him. She`s a ally to Honey

Panther Zora

The true leader of Panther Claw. Zora is the true embodiment of evil.

Ryo Asuka

Ryo's dad found a demon sculpture and discovers the existence of Demons. He then gets his friend Akira Fudo to merge with a demon to fight them. Ryo is soon revealed to be Satan himself.

Ryo Utsugi

A high school student becoming Demon Lord Dante.

Saeko Kodai

Dante's lover during his years in Sodom, Medusa has been alive many years and assumed the human form of a supermodel named Saeko Kodai in the present. After rencountering Ryo Utsugi/Dante she helps him in regaining his memories from the past.

Sayaka Yumi

Pilot of Aphrodai A, and ally of Kouji Kabuto.

Seiji Hayami

Honey`s best friend and sidekick. he`s the only one next to Honey herself to appear in almost all versions of the Cutie Honey franchise.

Seiko Hayami

A private investigator and one of the main protagonists of Cutie Honey Tennyo Densetsu.

Seira Hazuki

Honey Kisaragi's supposed sister, who was once a good person, until Panther Zora corrupted her to create Misty Honey.


A Demon from the Devilman Series who was Amons lover before he merged with Akira Fudo. Now she wants to kill him for taking away her love.

Sister Jill

The 2nd in command of Panther Claw and long time foe of Honey.

Tarantula Panther

One of original members of Panther Claw. Tarantula Claw had spider like abilities and the ability to produce ten different types of Spider silk from her abdomen.

Yuki Kenmochi

The second of Professor Kiseragi`s so called daughters she was put in a foster home after the professor ends up missing she still believes she`s the only true daughter of Kiseragi and that Honey is just spare parts for her to use


One of Enma's friends and member of the Yokai-Patrol. Yukiko-Hime is a stuck up and bossy Ice Princess who is always fighting and yelling at Enma-kun.


A Massive three-headed devil who leads the devil forces against Devilman in Satan's absence. Zenon also is responsible for launching nuclear missiles and starting World War III.


A demon who was Dante's friend during their days in Sodom. Zenon was forced into serving God so he would not suffer a like Dante and Satan, under the promise he would be reincarnated as a god-like being. He has also appeared in the Devilman series.

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