Sket Dance #14 - Go Forth! Pelocan Girl

is a manga book published by Shueisha that was released on 07/04/2010

Plot Summary

Tsubaki and Daisy Arc Cont. (Ch. 118-119)

Sasuke gets attacked by Yabuta's men who blocks him from Yabuta. When Sasuke is about to give up, Bossun and his Sket Dan crew appear to his aid. While wearing disguises, they clear a path for Sasuke, so he can fight Yabuta one-on-one. Sasuke defeats Yabuta after asking the boss how he views his followers. Later, Daisy bumps into them on the streets and asks him why he fought and got hurt in the process for her sake. Sasuke admits he does not know what is right, but he will not forgive anyone for hurting his friends.

Ch. 120: After Switch quizzes Bossun and Hime who gets into an argument, Bossun attempts to carry Hime in order to guess how she weighs. Hime slaps Bossun for being an insensitive jerk. Switch asks Bossun to try out his new power suit called Jubanni. The suit looks like a nude, fat person. It's voice command. Throughout the training, Bossun bonds with Jubanni who overs his literal child mind. However, when Bossun states that he is ready to die anytime, Jubanni takes off and tries to jump off the roof.

Can Bossun stop Jubanni from executing its orders?

Ch. 124: Switch breaks his laptop which leaves him unable to speak. He has obtained a ticket to Momoka's concert, and Reiko requests Switch to get an autograph for her horror movie DVD that stars Momoka. Switch explains to Bossun and Hime that he is just a fan who supports Momoka. Can Switch get backstage with Momoka?


Japanese Release Date: July 4, 2010.

American Release Date: Unknown.

Chapter 118: Tsubaki and Daisy (3) - "Tsubaki to hinagiku 3" (椿と雛菊③)

Chapter 119: Tsubaki and Daisy (4) - "Tsubaki to hinagiku 4" (椿と雛菊④)

Chapter 120: Stop! Jubanni - "Sutoppu! Jubanni" (ストップ!ジュバンニ)

Chapter 121: Masked Love

Chapter 122: Genesis World Grand Prix, Part 1 - "Jenesisu waarudo guranpuri zenpen" (ジェネシス・ワールド・グランプリ 前編)

Chapter 123: Genesis World Grand Prix, Part 2 - "Jenesisu waarudo guranpuri kōhen" (ジェネシス・ワールド・グランプリ 後編)

Chapter 124: May I Come Backstage? - "Gakuya ni itte ii kai?" (楽屋に行っていいかい?)

Chapter 125: Fast Reactions, Doubts, Meetings - "Kaigi kaigi kaigi" (快技・懐疑・会議)

Chapter 126: Go Forth! Pelocan Girl - "Susume! Perokyan gaaru" (進め!ペロキャンガール)



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