Glow ~The Fight of Death Starts~

Glow ~The Fight of Death Starts~ is an anime episode of Kampfer that was released on 10/08/2009

Plot Summary

Femme!Natsuru smacks Kampfer!Akane's gun away at the last second, causing her to miss the shot on Kaede. After the bell rings, they note that the mysterious Schwert Kampfer has stopped attacking, so they decide to go to class.

Back at Natsuru's home, Akane decides to come visit, and ends up misinterpreting his words as possible perverted actions again. However, Natsuru reveals that the real reason was so that she could help him break up with Kaede in his Femme!Natsuru form.

Femme!Natsuru ends up meeting Kaede on the rooftop of the school and after accidentally giving out her real (male) name, she confesses her love to her, and Natsuru can't bring herself to say no, so instead she runs and hides in the stairway where Kampfer!Akane tells her to do the "stupid dance" to make Kaede feel embarrassed and possibly break up with her. However, just as Femme!Natsuru gains the courage to do it, she spots the school president Shizuku standing on the rooftop where Kaede was a moment ago, telling her that if she wants to see Kaede again, she'll have to fight her for the privilege.

Even though Shizuku is fighting both Akane and Femme!Natsuru in Kampfer form, she manages to manhandle them quite well until Natsuru pulls off a trick at the last second involving setting off a water sprinkler in the school hallway. Kampfer!Akane threatens to put a bullet in Kampfer!Shizuku's head, but Femme!Natsuru stops her at the last second, telling Chizuru to release Kaede and not bother her again.

At the end of the episode, Chizuru sits in what appears to be a throne room and informs Natsuru (along with Akane) that she's switching him over to the female side to keep things consistent, sparking a transformation that turns him into a girl yet again.

Characters & Voice Actors

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