Goddess of the Glass #2 - Glass no Megami Volume 2

is a manga book published by Takeshobo that was released on 03/17/2008

Plot Summary


Chapter 10: Revival Pg. 6

Keita Sakura still has flashbacks back to where he and Honoka had sex. At school, Honoka finds Keita studying. The two head over to the cafe to eat and socialize. Keita tries to think about Aya and wants to give up Honoka. However, Keita still loves Honoka. Then, Keita receives a call from his mother who informs him about his cousin arriving to Tokyo. On the way back, Honoka bids farewell to Keita and says Keita is her important friend. Keita feels disappointed that Honoka only thought of him as a friend. In the train station, Honoka finds a wallet and the woman who is looking for. The woman is Jun, and Jun is sad that all the money is gone. Jun tells Honoka that she came to Tokyo for a friend's wedding. Hearing Jun's situation, Honoka welcomes Jun into her home.

Chapter 11: The Cousin Pg. 29

Aya gives Keita a cocktail that knocks out Keita. Keita wakes up to find Aya giving him oral sex. At Honoka's place, she wakes up Jun, and when Jun tries to figure out how to meet up with her cousin, Honoka assists her. There, they meet up with Keita, and both Keita and Honoka are shock to see each other since Jun and Keita are cousins. During lunch, Keita asks Honoka some questions, and Jun learns that Honoka is from norther Europe, Finland. When Honoka heads to use the restrooms, Jun tells Keita that he likes Honoka based on her observations. Jun vows to get Keita and Honoka together.

Chapter 12: Tactician Pg. 49

As Honoka returns to the table, Jun informs Honoka that she will need to stay for two more nights and that she will borrow Keita's money in the meantime. During shopping, Jun tries to make Keita pay attention to what Honoka likes. Though, Honoka mentions that she feels ashamed in getting a present and that a person's emotions are enough. When Keita receives a call from Aya, Jun learns that Aya is Keita's girlfriend. With Honoka gone for a moment, she asks Keita about Aya and Honoka. Keita replies with emotion that he may not meet someone like Honoka. Jun finds this situation more interesting.

Chapter 13: Premonitions of the Storm Pg. 65

Keita has rough sex with Aya, and Keita thinks that he has to love the girl who loves him back. Aya notes that Keita has not fondle her breasts, and when Keita does do it, the two resume their intercourse. At Honoka's place, Honoka tells Jun that they will be go to a coffee shop. In class, Keita receives a message from Aya but replies that he has to eat out with his cousin.

That night, he meets with Honoka, and the two walk to Honoka's place. Along the way, they meet Aya who is suspicious that Keita is with Honoka. Aya bids farewell to her friends who are going to a karaoke bar after Honoka mentions that she and Keita are meeting Jun. Aya can't wait to see Jun. During dinner, Jun sees how innocent Jun is and her relationship with Keita. Though, Aya's words end up hurting Jun's feelings since Aya mentions Jun is old. Before Keita leaves, Jun tells him that she will be watching him.

Chapter 14: Sightseeing Pg. 89

Keita, Aya, Honoka, and Jun visit the Asakusa Temple and do some sightseeing along the way. Jun takes Aya to eat some manju, and Jun tells Keita and Honoka to go take a look around. Keita learns that Honoka pray for her good luck to rub off on Keita. Out of nowhere, Aya appears behind Keita and Honoka who are looking a rickshaw bookmark. While Aya and Keita spend some time in sightseeing some ships, Jun manages to get Honoka to talk. Honoka remarks that Aya and Keita are great together.

Chapter 15: Reminiscence Pg. 111

Keita and Honoka eat together, and when Keita tries to remember the last time they eat together, he brings up the time that they drank that fateful night. Honoka tells Keita not to talk about the night they had sex, and she walks away with tears. She remarks that she only wants to remember the good times and that Keita is Aya's boyfriend. Keita goes home sad, and when Aya arrives to his house, Keita grabs Aya and begins fondling her. He pounds his sexual frustration into Aya who is overwhelmed how rough Keita is. During the sex, Keita keeps seeing Aya as Honoka, and he cannot stop thinking of Honoka since he keeps picturing himself having sex with Honoka.

Chapter 16: Encounter Pg. 131

Chapter 17: Earthquake Pg. 153

Chapter 18: Bravery Pg. 173


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