Glass Mask (2005) Characters

Glass Mask (2005) is an anime series in the Glass Mask franchise
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Ayumi Himekawa

Daughter of a celebrated actress and a famous director/producer, Ayumi Himekawa is one of Japan's most sought-after young actresses in the Glass Mask franchise. She is Maya Kitajima's greatest rival.

Chigusa Tsukikage

Teacher and mentor to Glass Mask franchise protagonist Maya Kitajima. During the peak of her stardom, Tsukikage played the lead role in "The Crimson Goddess," a legendary Japanese play that has not been performed in more than 20 years.

Haru Kitajima

Maya Kitajima's mother, who works in a Chinese restaurant in Yokohama. Haru generally believes that her daughter is a good-for-nothing and that she could never succeed at becoming an actress.

Masumi Hayami

The heir to Daito Entertainment, a successful Japanese entertainment company in the Glass Mask franchise. Masumi is at times protagonist Maya Kitajima's greatest support and at others, her greatest enemy.

Maya Kitajima

Kitajima Maya is the protagonist of Glass Mask. The franchise follows her often turbulent acting career as she strives to play the lead in "The Crimson Goddess" -- a legendary Japanese play.

Utako Himekawa

Prominent Japanese actress and mother of Ayumi Himekawa, Utako was also once a student of Chigusa Tsukikage. She has coveted the lead role in "The Crimson Goddess" for a long time.

Yuu Sakurakouji

Yuu is a member of the Ondine theater school run by the Daito Entertainment group. He is presented early on as a potential romantic interest for series protagonist Maya Kitajima.

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