Give Up!

Give Up! is an anime episode of Wanna Be the Strongest in the World! that was released on 10/20/2013
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While Sakura's inability to escape the Boston Crab causes her to rack up a record-breaking streak of losses, Sweet Diva is at the top of the charts. Feeling as though she can no longer meet her fans expectations in either realm, Sakura is about to quit Berserk and go back to being a normal girl when fellow wrestler Misaki shows up to give her some special training.

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Plot Summary

Give Up!
MangaCh. ? (Vol. ?)
Theme Music
Opening"Beautiful Dreamer"
Ending"Fan Fanfare!!!"
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During a match, Sakura gets in a bind where her opponent locks her leg, and she gives up, making this her 10th loss in a row. Meanwhile, her fans are starting to lose faith in her when they see Sakura is not the same one who never gave up. Throughout her matches, Sakura gets in another Boston Crab maneuver and gives up. She cannot reach the rope most of time. Despite having a 45 loss streak, one fan defends her adamantly. After losing, Sakura watches Misaki's match with a hulkish woman, Yumbo. During Misaki's match, Yumbo's girls grab Misaki's leg. Yumbo resorts to unfair tactics. She has her girls pin Misaki in a 5-point nightmare hold. Misaki manages to fend Yumbo. When Sakura and a fellow Berserk wrestler hold down two of Yumbo's gals, Misaki grabs and slams Yumbo with her special move, Misaki Special.

While Elena and her group are doing well in the pop idol business, Sakura has landed with a 50 loss streak. At home, Sakura contemplates whether to drop out of pro wrestling and whether Elena and the Sweet Diva would take her. At Berserk Gym, Misaki notices Sakura stuffing a paper in her pocket quickly. Misaki invites Sakura to a little sparring match. Sakura tries grabbing Misaki from behind. However, Misaki manages to counter all of Sakura's moves. Misaki puts Sakura in plenty of submission moves before going into the Boston Crab.

Points of Interest

List of Moves

  • Boston Crab
  • 5-Point Nightmare Hold
  • Misaki Special
  • Half Boston Crab
  • Surfboard
  • Standing Wristlock
  • Standing Headlock
  • Body Scissors

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