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Girls Saurus is a franchise comprised of 2 manga series
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Akira Sako

Akira Sakō is a tomboy in the boxing club who's always wanted to be a boy, and she's the heiress of prestigious family.

Haruka Nishiharu

Haruka Nishiharu is the girl from school who used to be incredibly obese and attacked Shingo after he rejected her confession of love. Intense exercise led to massive weight loss.

Hijiri Fuso

Hijiri Fusō is the school nurse and leader of the Boxing Club who is the only one who knows about Shingo's gynophobia.

Hotaru Hoshigaoka

Hotaru Hoshigaoka is a clumsy transfer student who causes massive destruction every time she falls.

Ichigo Shiogamaguchi

Ichigo Shiogamaguchi is a skickly skinny girl who is obsessed with Shingo Chiryū.

Misao Sako

Misao Sakō is the head of the traditional Sakō Family and the strict mother of Akira Sakō.

Nozomi Kanayama

Nozomi Kanayama is a petite girl in school who has loved Shigo from afar, and she's willing to use any plot to get his attention.

Shingo Chiryu

Shingo Chiryu is a highschool boy who was nearly beaten to death by a monstrously large woman. He now suffers from gynophobia, and sees all women as dinosaurs.

Shiori Tsurumai

Shiori Tsurumai is the Madonna of the school and if often surrounded by guards. She's also a sadist who loves to torment Shingo Chiryu.

Subaru Chiryu

Subaru Chiryū is the little sister of Shingo Chiryū who admires and loves her older brother.

Tsuyoshi Arahata

Tsuyoshi Arahata is a thuggish student who loved Haruka Nishiharu back when she was obese.

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