Air Gear #2 - Girl Trouble!

is a manga book published by Kodansha Comics USA that was released on 07/17/2003

Plot Summary

Kodansha Comics USA Edition Release Date: October 31, 2006

When his new Air Treck skates need maintenance, Itsuki Minami takes them to a local sports shop, where he finally meets Simca Noyamano, the mysterious and very sexy girl he’s had his eye on. Ringo and the Sleeping Forest may not like it, but Itsuki develops a fast and furious crush on the elusive Simca. Too bad she has fierce enemies in high places–landing Itsuki in big trouble! On top of that, his skates are almost demolished and nobody will lend money to a jobless scrub. But when Itsuki hears about a dangerous contest with some incredible prizes–he jumps headfirst into a battle unlike any he’s ever faced before!

After defeating the Skull Saders Ikki is on an all time ego high. But after meeting Simica the Swallow his life gets much more complicated. Can Ikki defeat a new team? What does Simica have in store for Ikki? Find out in this volume of Air Gear.

Trick 6 - 14.


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Ogure Ito artist, cover, writer,



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