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Gintama is an anime series in the Gintama franchise
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Ayame Sarutobi

Sarutobi Ayame is a ninja from the Oniwabanshuu by training, but is currently working as an assassin. She also has a part-time job at the Kunoichi Café. Since her initial appearance.

Ayumu Tojo

Ayumu Tojo is the head of the Kyubei family servants who are in charge of taking care of Yagyu Kyubei. His name is based on Aya Tojou from the Ichigo 100% manga.


Bossun is the leader and creator of the Sket Dance. He has intense powers of concentration, and has devoted his life to helping others.


An amanto who resembles a cat. At first, she seems to be a diligent worker at Otose's snack shop who is trying to support her family, but soon reveals herself to be a thief. Despite this, Otose hired her again after she was released from prison.

Char Aznable

Char Aznable is a Mobile Suit pilot for the Duchy of Zeon, and later becomes one of their leaders in the wake of the deaths of the Zabi family (at his hand).

Dark Vader

Elizabeth's former master and leader of the Renho.


No one really knows what Elizabeth is, other than the fact that he/she/it was adopted as a pet by Katsura, but became an equal member of the anti-foreigner faction.

Gengai Hiraga

Gintoki Sakata

A former samurai who fought the Amanto, he fought the invaders till he realized here was no point. Leading him to be a freelancer later on it life.

Hime Onizuka

A member of the Sket Dance. She is the team's muscle, and is rarely seen without her trusty hockey stick or a lollipop in her mouth.


Hinowa is a high ranking courtesan in Yoshiwara who is forced to shine in the city by Hosen.

Isao Kondo

Captain of the Shinsengumi. He is obsessed with Otae so much that he regularly stalks her.


Although she appears to be a normal, cute, human girl in Chinese-style clothing, she actually belongs to the Yato Clan, one of the strongest and most bloodthirsty of the Amanto races. The Yato are said to have "transparent"


A member of the Yato Tribe, the son of Umibouzu and older brother of Kagura.

Kazuyoshi Usui

Kazuyoshi (Switch) is one of the three members of the school support club, the Sket Dan. He is the club's secretary.

Kintoki Sakata

Kintoki Sakata is the golden version of Gintoki who is replacing Gintoki.

Kotarou Katsura

A Fellow former samurai working with Gintoki, he now operates with a strange creature named Elizabeth.

Kyubei Yagyu


She's a character in Gintama.


Gintoki's landlady. He swore to protect her when he ate food offerings to her dead husband. Her real name is Ayano Terada, Ms. Otose (お登勢 Otose) being a "genji" alias. She was very pretty when she was young and worked at a restaurant.

Prince Hata


Kagura's pet. An inugami who has the outward appearance of a giant dog and likes to chomp on anything smaller than itself, especially people's heads.


Seita is a former pickpocket thief who steals money to meet Hinowa, the woman he thinks is his biological mother.

Shinpachi Shimura

One of the trio of "Odd Jobs Gin", he is the straight man of the group.

Shinsuke Takasugi

Sogo Okita

Tae Shimura

Tae Shimura is Shinpachi's older sister. She runs the Kakidokan Dojo, which was her father's failing dojo, with her brother. She is usually addressed as "Otae"; the "O" is an honorific used to refer to women.

Taizou Hasegawa


Tatsuma Sakamoto

Teppei Sugihara

He is a transfer student from Kaimei High School.

Toshiro Hijikata

Vice-chief of the Shinsengumi.


Tsukuyo is a blonde-haired woman with a scar over her forehead and left cheek. She is a leader of the Hyakka, Yoshiwara's all-female law enforcement squad deployed by Housen.


Zenzo Hattori

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