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An animated adaptation of Hideaki Sorachi's manga of the same name, debuted on TV Tokyo on April 4, 2006. Since then, 4 seasons plus a few OVA's have been released.


Sorachi originally planned to do a real manga series based around the exploits of the Shinsengumi with the encouragement of his editor. However, he had trouble keeping any passion for the project until he started adding elements of science fiction and incorporating more fictional elements into his story. After a long process of trial-and-error, Gintama was born.


For audiences outside of Japan, Crunchyroll is legally streaming the anime series.


In Gintama, Japan has been conquered by aliens from outer space called the Amanto. The city of Edo (Tokyo, before 1868) has been transformed into a weird mish-mash of traditional Japanese culture intermixing with futuristic alien technology as the country appears to have mostly accepted the rules of the Amanto. Several samurai rallied to fight them off in a brief rebellion, but in the end they were unsuccessful, and the Amanto ended up banning all swords in public.

Gintama focuses mostly on the "Yorozuya" (the Odd Jobs Trio), consisting largely of the silver-haired ronin Gintoki Sakata, glasses-wearing Shinpachi Shimura, the incredibly strong alien Kagura and her giant pet dog Sadaharu. In this version of Edo, they simply live paycheck to paycheck doing everything from fighting villains to dressing up in costumes, even though some folks occasionally try to use them to rekindle the great war against the Amanto.

However, the story rarely focuses on this, and instead is often filled with one-shot gags and tons of references to other media or Japanese history.

Theme Songs

Opening Themes

  1. "Pray" by Tommy Heavenly6 (Episodes 1-24)
  2. "Tooi Nioi" by YO-KING (Episodes 25-49)
  3. "Gin-iro no Sora" by redballoon (Episodes 50-75)
  4. "Kasanaru Kage" by Hearts Glow (Episodes 76-99)
  5. "DONTEN" by DOES (Episodes 100-125)
  6. "Anata Magic" by Monobright (Episodes 126-150)
  7. "Stairway Generation" by Base Ball Bear (Episodes 151-176)
  8. "Light Infection" by Prague (Episodes 177-201)
  9. "Tōgenkyō Alien" by Serial TV Drama (Episodes 202 -227)
  10. "Dilemma (ジレンマ)" by Ecosystem (Episodes 228- 235, 237-240)
  11. Anagura (アナグラ)" by Kuroneko Chelsea (Episodes 236)
  12. Wonderland by FLiP (Episode 241-252)
  13. Let's Go Out by AMOYAMO (Episodes 253-257)
  14. Sakura Mitsu Tsuki (サクラミツツキ) by SPYAIR (Episodes 258-)

Closing Themes

  1. "Fuusen Gum" by Captain Stridum (Episodes 1-13)
  2. "MR.RAINDROP" by amplified (Episodes 14-24)
  3. "Yuki no Tsubasa" by redballoon (Episodes 25-37)
  4. "Candy Line" by Hitomi Takahashi (Episodes 38-49)
  5. "Shura" by DOES (Episodes 50-62)
  6. "Kiseki" by Snowkel (Episodes 63-75)
  7. "SIGNAL" by KELUN (Episodes 76-87)
  8. "Speed of Flow" by The Rodeo Carburettor (Episodes 88-99)
  9. "Sanagi" by POSSIBILITY (Episodes 100-112)
  10. "This World is yours" by plingmin (Episodes 113-125)
  11. "Ai, Ai, Ai" by GHOSTNOTE (Episodes 126-138)
  12. "Kagayaita" by SHIGI (Episodes 139-150)
  13. "Asa Answer" by PENGIN (Episodes 151-163)
  14. "Wo Ai Ni" by Hitomi Takahashi feat. Beat Crusaders (Episodes 164-176)
  15. "Wonderful Days" by ONE☆DRAFT (Episodes 177-189)
  16. "SAYONARA no Sora" by Qwai (Episodes 190-201)
  17. "Samurai Heart (Some Like it Hot!!)" by SPYAIR (Episodes 202-214)
  18. "Balance Doll" by Prague (Episodes 215-227)
  19. Anagura (アナグラ)" by Kuroneko Chelsea (Episodes 228-235, 237-240)
  20. "Dilemma (ジレンマ)" by Ecosystem (Episodes 236)
  21. "Nakama" (Episodes 241-252)
  22. "Moonwalk" by MONOBRIGHT (Episodes 253-257)
Season/Ep# Name Airdate
6 - 261
Unsetting Moon
6 - 260
Pinky Swear
6 - 259
Five Pinkies
6 - 258
Inside The Palace!!
6 - 257
Courtesan Turns The Tables
6 - 256
The Meaning Of A Main Character
6 - 255
Kin-san's Kintama
6 - 254
Kintoki and Gintoki
6 - 253
Nobody with Natural Straight Hair Can Be That Bad
5 - 243
Draw your life on the canvas we call manga
5 - 242
Girls like Vegeta, guys like Piccolo
5 - 241
We are all hosts, in capital letters
5 - 240
People can only live by forgetting the bad
5 - 239
You know those year-end parties where you keep drinking until you've forgotten everything that happened the past year? There are a few things you're not supposed to forget
5 - 238
A vacation in disorientation
5 - 237
Please Take Me Skiing
5 - 236
Don't Say Good-bye Lionel
15 - 235
Empty Planet
5 - 234
Piggy Banks and Trash Cans
5 - 233
Space Ururun Homestay

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Series Credits
Person Name Episode Count
Audio Highs
Hidaeki Sorachi
Shinji Takamatsu

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