Ginga e Kickoff!! Characters

Ginga e Kickoff!! is an anime series
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Aoto Gonzales Takuma

He is currently a forward for the Momoyama Predators. He is known as a genius striker.

Erika Takato

She is the first new player Shou recruted to join his team. She is called Speed Star.

Haruka Oota

She is Shou and Suzu's mom. She also owns the "Donmei" Yakiniku Restaurant.

Kinzou Momoyama

He is the manager and owner of the Momoyama Predators. He is qute old but very childish and easily gets angry.

Masaru Hanashima

The coach of the Momoyama Predators. He was also a former soccer star, but had to retire because of an injury.

Shimizu Misaki

A professional soccer player. Also the founder of the Namba Dandelions.

Shou Oota

The captain of the Momoyama Predators. He is the captain of the team, and he is very passionate about soccer however he isn't very good at it.

Suzu Oota

Suzu is Shou's little sister. She is a third-grader in elementary school.

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