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A manga by Gintoki Gin Tama is the main character.

The samurai didn't stand a chance. First, the aliens invaded Japan. Next, they took all the jobs. And then they confiscated everyone's swords. So what does a hotheaded former samurai like Sakata "Gin" Gintoki do to make ends meet? Take any odd job that comes his way, even if it means losing his dignity.

Book # Name Rating Release Date
There's Usually a Fight Before a Trip
April 4, 2008
Always Hold A Screwdriver In Your Heart
Feb. 4, 2008
Stand Straight Even if You Are Bent with Age
Dec. 4, 2007
Summer Vacation Is Best Before It Actually Begins
Oct. 4, 2007
A Schemer Gets Caught in His Own Scheme
Aug. 3, 2007
Men, Be Dorks
May 2, 2007
Only One Hour of Video Games per Day
March 2, 2007
German Suplex Any Woman Who Asks, "Which Is More Important, Me or Your Work?
Dec. 27, 2006
The Best Makeup for Women Is Their Smiles
Nov. 2, 2006
Four Heads Are Better than One
Sept. 4, 2006
After All, Your Enemy of Yesterday Is Still Your Enemy Today
July 4, 2006
The Longest Way Around Is the Shortest Way
April 4, 2006
The Sun Rises Again
Feb. 3, 2006
Even an Inch-long Insect Has a Soul
Dec. 2, 2005
Whatever You Play, Play to Win!
Oct. 4, 2005
Just Slug Your Daughter's Boyfriend and Get It Over With
Aug. 4, 2005
The Things You Care the Least About Are the Ones You Never Forget
May 2, 2005
Some Things You Can't Cut With A Sword
March 4, 2005
Watch Out for Conveyor Belts!
Dec. 27, 2004
Exaggerate the Tales of Your Exploits by a Third, so Everyone Has a Good Time
Nov. 4, 2004
General Information Edit
English Name Gin Tama
Japanese Name: ジン多摩
Romaji: Jin Tama
Publisher Shueisha
Start Year 2003
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