Gilsander is a anime/manga character in the The Seven Deadly Sins franchise
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Gilthunder is one of the Holy Knights.


In the past, Gilthunder was a friend of Elizabeth and admired the Seven Deadly Sins, especially Meliodas to the point of wanting to be one of them when he grew up. However after his father was allegedly killed by the Seven Deadly Sins, his admiration quickly turned into malice, and now his goal is to defeat the Seven Deadly Sins.


Gilthunder is an antagonist created by Suzuki Nakaba for the series the Seven Deadly Sins. As of yet, no particular inspirations are known about Gilthunder's character.

Kodansha USA has his name changed to Gilsander.


Gilthunder was formerly a youth full of spirit and goals of little skill, but upon his father's death, he became a ruthless and powerful warrior in an effort to challenge and overtake the power of Meliodas and the Deadly Sins.


Gilthunder is a fairly tall man of fair skin with medium length pink hair and a cold but handsome face. Since his introduction he has always been wearing his Holy Knight Armor.


Gilthunder is a cold and rather ruthless man as seen when he did not care if he destroyed an innocent town in order to attack Meliodas. He has even become cold towards his allies and childhood friends such as Princess Margaret and Princess Elizabeth.


Elizabeth - Despite being close to the point of considering Elizabeth a younger sister in the past, Gilthunder claims he cares nothing of Elizabeth now that she allied herself with the Seven Deadly Sins.

Meliodas & the Deadly Sins - Despite having the utmost respect for them in the past, Giltunder despises them with a passion now and his primary goal is their defeat.

Zaratras - Gilthunder's deceased father. Not much is known about their relationship, but Gilthunder seeks revenge for his death so it can be assumed that they had a good relationship.

Story Arcs


Before Meliodas and his allies arrived at Bernia, Gilthunder had been there a day earlier to collect taxes. He drank their well known Bernia Ale but found it disgusting and insulted the brewers. A boy named Mead was offended and put a fly in Gilthunder's cup. This did not go over well with Gilthunder. Using his magic, Gilthunder stucj a sword in the ground and this resulted in blocking all the water in Bernia. This not only prevented them from having their fundamental need for water, but also prevented them from making their ale which was the only means of profit for the village. Gilthunder challenged the village to pull the sword out. If they failed their taxes would be increased even further.

Unbeknownst to Gilthunder, Meliodas, Diane and Elizabeth arrived the next day and Meliodas himself pulled the sword from the ground. Gilthunder was soon informed that a "boy" had pulled out his sword. Suspicious as to who it might be, Gilthunder took his guard's spear and threw it towards Bernia, which was over 7 miles away. Meliodas sensed it coming and he caught the spear, however the force pushed him back through several buildings and structures. In turn, Meliodas threw it back towards Gilthunder and destroyed his entire Fortress in the process. At that moment, Gilthunder knew that it was Meliodas.

Forest of White Dreams Arc

Gilthunder arrives the Forest of White Dreams shortly after Meliodas finds Diane there. He immediately attacks Meliodas and Diane, attempting to immobilize them. Elizabeth quickly recognizes Gilthunder as her close childhood friend. She found it hard to believe that he was attacking them or that he was the one who made Bernia suffer by blocking their water source. He confirmed that it was indeed he who did so.

He then proclaims his strength as greater than the Seven Deadly Sins' now and challenged both Meliodas and Diane to fight him. Meliodas decides to take on Gilthunder alone. After a short scuffle, Gilthunder lands a deep wound on Meliodas, causing the latter to collapse to the ground. Gilthunder asked if Meliodas had any final request to which Meliodas inquired about the status and locations of the other Deadly Sins. Gilthunder did not know about 3 of them, but disclosed the believed locations of Ban the Sin of Greed and King the sin of Sloth. At this Meliodas jumped back to his feet. He had deceived Gilthunder into thinking he had won in order to get the information from him. Gilthunder proceeded to attack again, but he is blindsided by Diane who grabs his whole body in her giant hand. Despite Gilthunder unleashing an electric current through his whole body in an attempt to be released, Diane ignored it and hurled him out of The Forest of White Dreams. Gilthunder lands through the roof of a Church in another village, but he remained relatively unharmed.

Capital of the Dead Arc

Gilthunder is seen in a room meeting with Deadly Sin King. Gilthunder had informed King of Ban's whereabouts, knowing that King wanted revenge against his fellow Deadly Sin due to a misunderstanding. King accepted that he would kill Ban but warned Gilthunder not to get in his way and he showed the badge of Gilthunder's allies Andre and his partner who were killed by King's pet Oslo earlier.

Byzel Fight Festival Arc

Gilthunder and fellow Holy Knight Hauser were ordered to put an end to an invasion instigated by the Northern Barbarians. The army numbered 3000 and they had already killed many Knights. But when Gilthunder and Hausser arrived, they put an abrupt end to the the invasion and switly defeated all 3000 of the Northern Barbarians. They were complimented by their superior Great Holy Knight Dreyfus upon returning to the castle.

Gilthunder then mentions that he wondered if the enemy of prophecy were the 7 Deadly Sins. But they soon change the subject and discreetly discus strange occurrences that had been happening to the subordinates of Dreyfus' rival Great Holy Knight Hendricksen and how many of his novice Holy Knights were reported as gaining immense power out of nowhere and also that they were having a mass recruitment of Novice Knights.

Armor Giant Arc

Gilthunder informed Hauser upon his arrival from Byzel that Princess Veronica and Holy Knight Griamor had been killed. Great Holy Knight Dreyfus had locked himself in his room, as Griomor was his own son. Gilthunder then spoke of the growing imbalance between the Dreyfus Faction of Holy Knights and the Hendericksen Faction.

Kingdom Infiltration Arc

Wearing his normal clothes for the first time seen, Gilthunder went to the palace dungeon to meet the captive Princess Margaret, the elder sister of Elizabeth and Veronica. It was then that he coldly broke the news about her sister Veronica's death.

Powers & Abilities

Gilthunder is a powerful Holy Knight and thus has extensive magical powers as well as heightened physical prowess.


Gilthunder wields an as of yet unnamed sword. It is akin to a broadsword but the tip curves almost like a saber at the end.


Thunderbolt - Gilthunder has several unnamed techniques of various uses but thus far, two techniques have been named.

Purge of the Thunder Emperor - By waving his sword, a large blast of lightning emerges from the blade

Dragon Castle - This is a joint technique Gilthunder performs with Hauser. By combining lightning and thunder, they create a huge tornado, with lightning coursing through it. It is effective as it can hinder the opponent's movements by flinging them through the wind, yet simultaneously harm them with the lightning.

Voiced by
Name Movies TV Shows
Mamoru Miyano
General Information Edit
Name: Gilsander
Name: ギルサンダー
Romanji: Girusandā
Gender: Male
1st manga book: The Seven Deadly Sins #1
1st anime episode: The Seven Deadly Sins #1
1st anime movie:
Aliases Gilthunder
Little Gil
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