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Four months into the year and i am still hung over from Fate/Zero. Beyond merely reminiscing about just how an awesome 24 episodes it was, i have been musing about how different events of the series would have turned out if certain events had occurred differently and certain factors had come into play. One such factor that has had me thinking for quite a while is the master servant relationship. How different would events have turned out, how much better would odds of victory have been if different masters and slaves had been paired together. The following are what i believe would have been the perfect pairings to occur in Fate/zero. as far as i am concerned if these masters and servants had teamed up instead of their original pairing, they would have won the war.
1. I will obviously start with my favorite character, Kiritsugu. I know that the Kiritsugu Saber pairing added a lot of drama to the show but i don’t think it made his job and
eventual victory any easier. If i had my way, i considered pairing Kiritsugu with Berserker, but the mad servant is a little too..loud for Kiritsugu’s test. So if i had my way i would have teamed Kiritsugu with Assassin. Assassin is everything Kiritsugu would want in a servant. Not only is he willing to kill and maim where necessary and cross every single line that could ever exist, honor be dammed, he is sneaky, stealthy and deadly. With assassin by his side, Kiritsugu would have won the tournament in the first two days. One might point out assassin’s physical abilities, lacking especially against the likes of rider, saber and lancer, but really, Kiritsugu never really needed Saber’s power. Anytime he sent her out against another servant, it was merely to act as a distraction while he did the actual mission. More importantly, assassin doesn’t talk back, which is unlike every other servant that will feel the need to give Kiritsugu their opinion over his decisions
2. Tokiomi Tosaka requires a spirit or servant that matches his noble and superior view of himself. So only a king among servants would do. Gilgamesh was a little too much for Tokiomo who was more servant that master; personally i don’t think Tokiomo stood a chance of winning even if Gilgamesh had stayed with him. With Gilgamesh he simply wasn’t able to operate freely, and any strategy he laid out had to be approved by his servant. Eventually he would have fallen to Kiritsugu. Rider would have suited him better. Rider is the closest comparison to Gilgamesh in Fate/Zero, not only in power but stature and presence. He is the only spirit Gilgamesh has ever shown any respect to (someone might mention Saber but i don’t think that that is respect Gilgamesh holds for her). With his power, Tokiomi would more than stand a chance of destroying the competition; certainly he would be able to steer Rider’s power. Just like with him and his servant, waver was more servant than master to Rider and pretty much let him take the lead and do as he wished. Rider, as far as i am concerned, stood less of a chance in the war because he was too careless with his power and tools and only because Waver wouldn’t control him. Just look at that Ox he lost to saber because of his stupidly. Rider was a bigger threat to everyone in the war than he was portrayed to be because waver couldn’t use him in battle. Tokiomo would take advantage of that power to the fullest extent to win the war.
3. I know what most people think and i will agree that Rider and Waver were the best team in the war and as far a i am concerned they were the
only ones that actually deserved to win the war (okay except for Kariya, he was way too pitiful that you just wanted to see his pain and misery end) But the fact is, as i have mentioned above they were not the strongest team because waver couldn't control Rider and simply let him ran loose; but that might be because waver shouldn’t have been in the war in the first place. I would partner waver with saber. saber pretty much acted on her own, with only minimal instructions from Kiritsugu, and that is what waver’s style is. Rider was kind of dense and as such allowing him to act on his own was bound to get them all killed. saber has the intelligence to not only act on her own but to teach Waver and allow him to come into his own as a powerful mage and master. Rider definitely taught waver a lot but all he did was make him a better person, and a worse mage. Saber, with Waver as master, will be able to act out her honor bound actions without interference, but she would also encourage Waver to command her when necessary. Waver would definitely have stood a high chance of winning with Saber by his side.
4. kariya would have positively benefited from Lancer. He would have acted as a grounding force for Kariya, keeping his psychotic mind tethered to reality. I don’t know if that would have indeed allowed kariya to win, he had that ‘doomed to fail tragically fail’ look about it. But the two men would have understood each other, seeing as there is a slight similarity with their relationships to the women they are infatuated by. Okay, it isn’t exactly the same but they have both suffered due to those feelings. Both would have benefited from the other’s understanding and Lancer would have gotten what he wanted, to redeem himself while giving everything to Kariya. Let’s face it, both had terrible endings, though that wasn’t so bad for kariya who’s suffering simply needed to end.
5. It was a great day for the war when Waver stole Rider from Kayneth. For one thing, he would have unleashed a serious amount of chaos and destruction with access to that kind of power.
Another thing, his relationship with Rider would have been only slightly different from Tokiomi and Gilgamesh. It wasn’t simply a matter of Waver’s inability to control Rider. Rider is a free spirit, and chances are he would have defied the fool at every turn until he was forced to use up all his commands. Kayneth should have been matched up with Berserker. Like kariya he is kind of crazy, and like Lancer, Kayneth would have have grounded berserker to reality. Plus he would have all the power he lost in losing Rider to Waver; clearly berserker was capable of going toe to toe with Gilgamesh and in having a physically and mentally competent master such as Kayneth, his chances of eliminating the god like servant would have skyrocketed. Kaythen, with Berserker would have most likely won the war.
There is no point mentioning Ryuunoske and Kirei, both of whom where matched with their perfect servants, or at least Ryuunosuke was. Kirei technically stole his.

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Hello everyone. I'm proud to announced that the Fate Zero anime series project is complete. I say it's about 95% finished because the new wiki pages are not added to the episode pages due to a glitch. For today, Anime Vice has a big glitch where things and images did not appear in the search bar. Nonetheless, I finished the last three episode wiki pages today. It was an intense and time consuming project when I'm still working on other wiki projects. It would take about a range of 44 minutes to an hour and a half to finish each episode wiki page. I'm happy that I finished this wonderful anime's wiki pages. Though, the character pages are not formatted correctly. I have to devote more time to work on those pages.

I cannot remember the exact date that I started working on the episodes, but I do remember working at the same time with Kore wa Zombie Desu Ka? of the Dead in May of 2012. It took about two months to finished this project.

For Episode Formatting: Every episode has a Crunchyroll Synopsis, a plot summary, and a points of interest section. Though, I don't have every associations and seiyuu added for consistency. I finished when Anime Vice stops being glitchy. Also, I have to decorate the plot summaries with images to make everything look nice and consistent as well as proofread each summary.

Episodes: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, and 25.

Don't forget to check out the list of characters. Feel free to work on the characters. I welcome all help as long you guys and gals don't plagiarize.

Fate Zero Exclusive Wiki Pages: Fuyuki City, Servant(Heroic Spirit), Avalon, Command Seal, Excalibur, Gae Buidhe, Gae Dearg, Gate of Babylon, Gordius Wheel, Noble Phantasm, and Saber's Motorcycle. There are more pages to be created. I felt this was enough because I don't want to expand too much where you can write at least one decent paragraph for each page.

Thank you everyone for your support. Even though I worked solo on this project, I still have teammates working with me on other wiki projects. I'm glad to have their support.

Also, I thank the following Wiki Editors who worked on this anime series project before me.



If I miss anyone who worked on Fate Zero related pages, please tell me. I wouldn't want to miss some wiki editors.

Future Blogs

I will post a Fate Zero Anime Wrap up blog and a Beginner Guide to help people try out this wonderful anime series as well as promoting the anime. Unfortunately, my time is running out as summer school approaches. I have other Beginner Guides to work on in addition to Fate Zero.

Thank you everyone and Go Anime Vice!

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