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Gilgamesh is an anime series in the Gilgamesh franchise
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A mixed bag of a post-apocalyptic anime drama. Reviewed by Dream on March 26, 2011. Dream has written 152 reviews. His/her last review was for Golden Time. 313 out of 328 users recommend his reviews. 4 out of 5 users found this review helpful.
Gilgamesh proved to be quite the mixed bag of a title with its fair share of both positives and negatives that stuck out for me with its plot setup of the conflict between factions over the fate of humanity. The show gives off enough of a gloomy mood with the tragic upbringings of much of the show's major cast that are brought up as well as the questionable actions and secrets that the factions of Gilgamesh's main conflict give off thus giving the series a sense of grey morality. The show takes its time slowly unveiling the events that led up to the post-apocalyptic future of the series and the connections that Tatsuya and the other psychic children have with the events, especially when it becomes apparent that the Countess is hiding secrets from them and shows some animosity towards Katsuya's sister, Madoka.

There is quite a bit to Gilgamesh that does take getting used to if you want to get into the series. The show's presentation is one element that I do agree is a glaring issue that is hard to ignore. The visuals features crude looking character designs as the lining looks rough and coloring is subdued. In addition, the show's animation is not really that fluid at many points as there is a lack of fluid movement, still shots and obvious rendering of CG animation is used to create the psychic attacks used by the children and the Gilgamesh.

The other two major elements to get used to aren't so much of one if you can get used to them. A second element could be that the characters don't really have much range in emotions during the early episodes of the series. This issue isn't much of one when you consider the show's post-apocalyptic setting where you don't know who to trust and many of the characters have had miserable and tragic upbringings. A third element could be the seemingly creepy near-incestuous interactions between Katsuya and Kiyoko. Again considering the tragic upbringings of the characters as you learn of their pasts, you come to realize that the two came to strongly rely on each other for emotional support with the disconnection they have with their seemingly despicable parents.

Two major issues with the story of Gilgamesh do weigh down upon its quality alongside the visuals. The first being that while characters among the Countess' faction and the Milteid are given their focus throughout the series, not so much depth is given to the Gilgamesh as they only appear to instigate incidents that advance the show's plot. Beyond one of them interacting with Kiyoko later in the series, the Gilgamesh hardly have their characters explored. In addition, the show's choice of ending looked a bit rushed and poorly handled with the sudden introduction of characters in a poor attempt of a plot twist in the show's second-to-last episode and a resolution that makes one feel that the outlook of the show is quite cynical.

Gilgamesh's post-apocalyptic conflict of factions offers up a mixed bag of pros and cons where while it offers a grey moral look into the motivations of multiple factions that the Madoka siblings get dragged into, the lack of exploration on one of those factions, the subpar visuals and the choppy ending put a dent on the show's overall quality. This is a series you should sample before buying if it ever catches your interest.
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