Gildarts is an anime episode of Fairy Tail that was released on 04/23/2011
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The episode focuses on Natsu and Happy's flashback of their childhood when they and Lisanna spent quality family time with Gildarts. Also, Natsu thinks about Igneel after Gildarts' talk about his mission with the black dragon.

Plot Summary

Lucy is furious that she had to sleep on the floor
Lucy is furious that she had to sleep on the floor

Natsu is seen running through a forest screaming Lisanna's name when he wakes up to an annoyed Lucy, who complains that she had to sleep on the floor because him and Happy decided to have a sleepover at her place. Natsu states that its because he gets a good night's sleep in her bed and then changes the subject when she asks about his dream.

While at the guild, the city's alarms go off indicating that Gildarts was returning and to execute the "Gildart's Shift". As Lucy ponders as to what this means, her, Charle and Wendy soon become speechless when they watch the city rearrange its structures to create a pathway to the guild. Mirajane and Erza explain that Gildarts is a crash user and accidentally destroys anything on his path to which Lucy replied that he must be an idiot.

Gildarts defeats Natsu in an instant
Gildarts defeats Natsu in an instant

When the long awaited mage finally enters the building, he walks up to Mirajane, who he doesn't recognize, and asks where he can find the guild Fairy Tail. She answers him stating that he's currently in Fairy Tail and that she's Mirajane. After learning this, Gildarts becomes shocked and ecstatic over the guild's changes during his absence. Natsu then jumps from the stairs and challenges him but their "fight" ends with Gildarts catching Natsu and throwing him to the ceiling without much effort. Gildarts then approaches Makarov and states that he had failed his 100-year mission (a mission that has not been completed in 100 years), to everyone's shock. Right before heading home, he asks Natsu to drop by his place later since he got him a souvenir and then walks through the guild's wall using his crash magic. When Lucy asks Happy about Natsu's and Gildarts' relationship, he states that Gildarts has taken a liking to Natsu and begins to recount a story when he was just a little cat.


Natsu fishing with Happy and Lisanna
Natsu fishing with Happy and Lisanna

Natsu, Lisanna and Happy sit near a pond fishing together. Happy asks Natsu to catch him a big fish but to his disappointment, the young dragon slayer only manages to catch a tiny one. During their meal, Lisanna teases Natsu about being his wife and how it'll happen to which Natsu blushes uncontrollably and prompts a "she liiiiikes you" from Happy.

Gildarts: O-M-G! A flying cat!
Gildarts: O-M-G! A flying cat!

Later, Natsu and Lisanna relax in their hut, with Happy fast asleep, and then begin to talk about their parents. Natsu tearfully states how he yearns to see Igneel again and seeing his sorrow, Lisanna decides to cheer him up by telling him that she saw large footprints in the outskirts of town that may belong to a dragon. But upon arriving at the forest, they learn that the footprints were those of the Vulcan, Gorian who manages to kidnap Lisanna when they lost each other in the fog while walking home. The Vulcan agrees to release her if Natsu kneels before him and apologizes for earlier. With no choice, Natsu gives in to the Vulcan's demands but ends up being trampled by the ape and nearly killed by a boulder if Gildarts wouldn't have saved him with his magic.

Natsu and Gildarts
Natsu and Gildarts

As Natsu apologizes, Gildarts cuts him off telling him that he did a brave thing saving his friends and hence should be proud of himself. As they walk home, Gildarts invites Natsu to play catch with him the next day. When they do, Natsu starts to talk about finding Igneel with Lisanna and Happy watching them from the side.

End of Flashback

Gildarts reveals his injuries inflicted by a dragon
Gildarts reveals his injuries inflicted by a dragon

Back in the present, Natsu reaches Gildarts' home and greets the mage. When Gildarts begins to question his relationship with Lisanna, Natsu informs him that she passed away two years ago receiving a look of disbelief from the crash user. As Natsu starts to leave, Gildarts stops him stating that he encountered a dragon during his mission but adds that it was not a red one like Igneel. With this news, Natsu turns to search for it in order to ask the whereabouts of his foster parent but Gildarts stops him again by telling him that it most likely travels around the world, making it almost impossible to find it. He adds that its not kind to humans and then reveals the injuries that the dragon inflicted on him: his arm, leg and some organs have been destroyed. Gildarts continues stating that no human can defeat it but Natsu shouts that Dragon Slayers can do it and then runs off in anger. As he runs, he slips down a hill and into a river bank, wondering where his dad is.

Meanwhile at the guild, Makarov comments how the wheels of fate are in motion now that Fairy Tail is home to three Dragon Slayers.

Points of Interest

  • Natsu sleeps in Lucy's bed again, forcing her to sleep on the floor.
  • Gildarts makes his first appearance.
  • Gildarts seems to be a forgetful person when he can't recognize his own guild and Mirajane who comments that his mind can drift off which sometimes causes him to crash into people's homes.
  • This is the second time (in the anime), that Natsu and Lisanna have been shown to encounter the Vulcan, Gorian.
  • Happy's catchphrase, "She liiiiiiiiiikes you", started when Lisanna teased Natsu when they were children.
  • In this episode's flashback, Gildarts meets Happy for the first time.
  • Natsu and Gildarts seem to have a close father-son relationship.
  • Lisanna's comments such as "this fog is like walking in another world" and "if I disappear again...will you come and find me" seems to foreshadow the future events in the Edolas Arc.

Manga & Anime Differences

  • Unlike in the manga, in the anime, Natsu copies Gildarts by breaking and walking through the guild's wall.
  • Happy's flashback of Natsu, Lisanna and Gildarts never took place in the manga.
  • Although Natsu was never shown to have father-son relationship with Gildarts in the manga as in the anime, it has been implied in recent chapters as well as on the cover of Chapter 234.

Characters & Voice Actors

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Hiro Mashima Original Concept The mangaka of the popular action/adventure/fantasy series Fairy Tail.
Shinji Ishihira Director A Storyboard artist that is the Director of the Fairy Tail anime.
Aoi Yamamoto Character Artist/Designer Animator
Masashi Sogo Series Composition
Shoji Yonemura Writer
Yasuharu Takanashi Music The composer of most anime installments. He also composed four Pretty Cure series: Fresh, Heartcatch, Suite, and Smile.


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