Gido is a anime/manga character in the NEEDLESS franchise
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A smart doctor who appears to be the relatively sane foil to Adam Blade's craziness. Sort of looks like Dr. Wily, but blonde and not as evil.


His real name is Dr. Rikudou Gid, but the name "Gido" stuck when he was giving a speech in America and stumbled over his own name out of embarrassment.

He was one of the lead scientists working on the Adam Project, a project commissioned by the Japanese government (which was in turn possibly influenced by the Triple Six Committee) to create a second Jesus that would save Japan after World War III. After many failed attempts, he finally managed to succeed with the 80th model, the one later known as Adam Blade. However, in the middle of training Adam Blade and his partner Eve Nueschwanstein, the facility Gido worked at was attacked by a supposedly-failed model named Adam Arclight, who returned in an attempt to absorb the remains of the Second Jesus and gain its power. In the end, Gido was saved thanks to the powers of Adam Blade and Eve, and he decided to watch over them as they grew up to make up for his own decisions.

Major Story Arc

He takes Blade and Eve to the Black Spot to try and give them the best life he can. Later on in the story, he doesn't do much more than occasionally explain the problems with Adam Blade and reveal some back story on the Adam Project.

Voiced by
Name Movies TV Shows
Kenji Utsumi
David Wald
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Name: Gido
Gender: Male
1st manga book:
1st anime episode:
1st anime movie:
Aliases Dr. Rikudou Gid
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