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Giant Killing is an anime series in the Giant Killing franchise
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Giant Killing is about Takeshi Tatsumi, East Tokyo United star player, who after leaving his hometown club ETU (East Tokyo United) is once again signed by the board as manager.

 Giant Killing is about Takeshi Tatsumi, East Tokyo United star player, who after leaving his hometown club ETU (East Tolyo United) is once again signed by the board as manager. Tatsumi was once ETU's star player, but after being transfered to an overseas club , ETU's supporters started seeing him as a traitor. After a brief experience as a manager in the UK, where he managed an amateur squad, FC Eastham which played in the british 5th Division. His most notable feat at the time was being able to beat several Premier League teams making it to the forth round of the FA Cup where FC Eastham was beaten by Portsmouth , he once again returns to Japan at the request of an old team mate, Goto, and is appointed ETU's new manager. 
The team however, in Tatsumi's absence, sank to the bottom  of the table and was relegated, after spending two years in Japan's second division, ETU manages to be once again promoted to the first division. This is what Tatsumi inherits from his predecesor, a broken team with an enormous lack of confidence. 
His first order of business is to understand his own team, and reverse their 
mentality, this however is not easy, and Tatsumi realizes that during practise. The main issue is that the players don't fully trust Tatsumi, seeing him as the supporters do, as a traitor, especially the team captain, Murakoshi Shigeyuki, aka Mr. ETU. Murakoshi also Tatsumi's former team mate, picked up the post of captain after Tatsumi left, and since then, he's been carrying the team on his sholders. 
Tatsumi's methodes are at best unusual, and the team's spirit doesn't improve when during the pre-season the new manager decides to pitch the starting lineup against the substitutes. Obviously the substitudes win, having more stamina than the starting eleven, this decided the lineup for the next match against the reigning Japanese champions, Tokyo Victory. 
The game doesn't go too badly and ETU manages to draw. Meanwhile a young player starts to shine, a substitude that wears the same number as Tatsumi used to, on his jersey, the number 7. That player is called Tsubaki, a young player whose lack of confidence is his biggest flaw, he is fast, gives it his all and is a natural striker. Tsubaki, despite being a striker, plays in the wing, and supports the team's exentric  playmaker, ETU's number 10, Yoshida Luigi, aka "Gino" or the "Prince who is of half-italian and half-japanese descent. Gino is an odd guy, who never seems to have it's head in the game, however his precise passing makes up for his lack of interest and concentration.
After the draw with the league champion's, morale is high, and the supporters who once thought of Tatsumi as a traitor, start to acept him. This all changes when ETU loses 4 games in a row, whith East Tokyo United's main supporter group, The Skulls, stopping the players bus and demanding that Tatsumi gets fired, they are however calmed down by Takeshi Tatsumi's former teammate Goto.
In the next game East Tokyo United manages to pull a victory withstanding relentless attacks by Nagoya Grand Palace, led by ETU's former manager team manager Fuwa, a rational coach who uses expensive foreign players to boost his teams offensive power, in this case 3 brazilians, Carlos Pepe and Zealberto. 
As for the next game against for tthe prelims in the Japan Cup agisnt FC Sapporo East Tokyo pulls out a second win, however the team's starting striker begins to feel unconfident about his skills, leading to a sprained ankle in the next match where ETU draws. However not all is bad news, Natsuki a key player in the last seaon returns after being injured. Natsuki, although still recxovering from the injury starts so show off during practise in order to impress the manager, however Tatsumi pretends not to pay attention.
After a 4 draw streak East Tokyo United's locker room is full of tension, and Akasaki, ETU's midfielder, says something that sparks an intense argument between the players, making it even harder for Tatsumi to build a strong squad.
The next game is against the league's leader, Osaka Gunners, whose offensive football made it the most feared team in Japan. The Osaka Gunners are led by the dutch manager Dulfer, who sees in Tatsumi a promising young manager and consequently someone to take down. Although East Tokyo United managed to play face to face with the current league leader, the Osaka Gunners manage to get a 2 goal lead, making it almost impossible for ETU to turn the tables. In the 2nd half howeer East Tokyo United comes out of the locker room with a different attitude, xcreating several chances to score. Natsuki, on of ETU's strikers however starts to feel nervous and is unable to make quick passing decisions, which starts to bother not only Tatsumi but the team's playmaker Gino. 
However, and even though Natsuki keeps missing good goal chances, ETU manages to score, in consequence of a rebound ball, the man who scored the goal was Akasaki. ETU keeps pushing back the OSaka Gunners, taking adavantege of the Gunners tired leftback, Hiraga (a japanese national player and captain of the Osaka Gunners), Tsubaki keeps running past Hiraga, untileventually he is tackled. Gino takes the freekick and passes the ball to Sugi, who with an impressive header scores, making it ETU 2 - 2 OSaka Gunners. Time is almost running out, and ETU feels they get turn the score completly, Takeshi feels that only one player is up to the task of scoring the final and decisive goal, that player is non other than Sera, a young striker who feels he has no talent, however Tatsumi believes that players like these are whatt make a team strong, it's their hardwork that eventually brings home the win, and he is not mistaken,, in the last minute of injury time, Sera, after a series of rebound balls, scores with an amazing diving header, making it ETU 3 - 2 Osaka Gunners, giving ETU the win over the league leaders, and best ofense in the Japanese Championship.
After this astonishing  victory, ETU is on a roll, and in 12 games they manage to win 11 and only draw 1.
All seems good within the club, and Tatsumi in order  to boost the fans support and love for the team, decides to throw a "Curry Party", giving the fans the opportunity to mingle with the players, staff and management, the party is a success making Tatsumi almost certain that ETU can truly be a "Giant Killer".
The final episode of season 1 ends with a spin off of a Manchester United chant ("Glory Glory M United"), called "Glory East Tokyo United".
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Name Giant Killing
Name: ジャイアントキリング
Romaji: Jyaianto Kiringu
Publisher Studio Deen
Start Year 2010
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