G.I. JOE Renegades Characters

G.I. JOE Renegades is an anime series in the G.I. JOE franchise
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A member of COBRA,and possibly the sister of Cobra Commander.


A member of G.I. Joe

Cobra Commander

Leader of the terrorist organization COBRA. He also makes a guest star appearance in Transformers. He has been the main villain of most G.I. Joe series, and has grown only more evil and darker over the years.


Third in command of COBRA under Cobra Commander and Baroness.


Medical officer of G.I. Joe

Doctor Mindbender

Mad scientist member of COBRA


One of the field leaders of G.I. JOE


Duke's younger brother, he is a member of G.I. Joe who first appeared in G.I. Joe The Movie. Falcon has a lot of vices, he tries to hook up with any attractive woman he sees and has had issues with drug addiction.


A member of COBRA expert of sabotage, arson and, explosives, In the Sigma Six series he was a member of G.I. JOE, but eventually betrayed the team and joined COBRA. Has most recently been seen as a psychotic pyromaniac in the series G.I. Joe Renegades.


An original member of G.I. JOE, he also makes a guest appearance in Transformers G1 (as a hologram the Quintessons used to lure his daughter Marissa into a trap)

Hard Master

The man who trained Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow. He has died in every version of G.I. Joe he has appeared in, and Storm Shadow is always the reason why.


Female ninja member of G.I. JOE, she is the daughter of Hard Master, cousin of Storm Shadow, student of Snake Eyes, and rightful heir of the Arashikage ninja clan. She is deceased in the Resolute universe where Storm Shadow paid Zartan to murder her and her father.

Lady Jaye

A member of G.I. JOE


A member of GI Joe who is an M.P. he is partnered with his german shepherd dog named Order. In the new series GI Joe renegades he was seen as a prison guard, he was still partnered with Order

Major Bludd

A member of COBRA who has been seen in most G.I. Joe series.


Law's German Shepherd, he is a bomb sniffing dog

Red Star

Leader of the Oktober Guard and an ally/sometimes member of G.I. Joe


A member of G.I. JOE. In the current series Renegades his DNA has been spliced with a Bio-Viper allowing him to shape shift from his human form to that of a monster.


A member of G.I. JOE


A member of G.I. JOE who has been trained in the martial arts by Snake Eyes. She is one of the team's core members in all but one version of the series.


A genetically engineered being created from the DNA of various tyrant leaders by Dr. Mindbender. Member and one time leader of COBRA. In the more modern G.I. Joe Renegades series he is a giant intelligent cobra created by Dr. Mindbender.


Naval officer of G.I. Joe

Snake Eyes

Silent ninja member of G.I. JOE, only living person who knows the death touch known as "the seventh step"

Snow Job

A member of GI Joe

Storm Shadow

Ninja double agent, it is very unclear if he is really a member of G.I. JOE or COBRA, as he often switches sides without warning. He is however a cold blooded killer in most versions, and responsible for the death of his uncle Hard Master in Resolute and Renegades.


The pet wolf of Snake-Eyes, Snow-Job has also cared for Timber.


Twin brother of Xamot, member of COBRA


A member of G.I. Joe, specializes in minesweeping

Tunnel Rat

A member of G.I. JOE, he is comfortable in tight spaces, and smelly ones as well like sewers. He was first seen in Toei's G.I. Joe The Movie, and is currently a main character in G.I. Joe Renegades.


Twin brother of Tomax, member of COBRA


Master of disguise member of COBRA, leader of the motorcycle gang known as the Dreadnoks. He can mimic any voice he has ever heard.

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