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An international government association in the Guilty Crown franchise that has taken over Japan, known as GHQ


GHQ officials
GHQ officials

After the spread of the "Apocalypse Virus" in Japan in the year 2029, the country has been placed in an emergency state. Since the spread of the virus, the Japanese government lost all of its foundations, and the reign of the international organization known as GHQ began ruling the country. Now Japan is in a state of martial law, which is enforced by the GHQ, and is considered a "quasi-independent" nation. The GHQ make sure that those who are infected by the virus are killed without mercy, and they make sure that citizens take vaccinations for the virus every month.

Recurring statements by the GHQ to the Japanese include, "We cannot leave this to you" and, "You don't have the power to protect the people who are important to you."

Due to their harsh methods and their imposing martial law, an anti-government group by the name "Undertaker", lead by Gai Tsutsugami, made it their goal to get rid of the GHQ.

GHQ Officials

Guin is the Commander of GHQ'a Antibodies Squadron 3
Daryl Yan
Daryl Yan
Daryl Yan is GHQ's "Second Lieutenant". He is 17 years old and is the son of the general and commander of GHQ
Makoto Waltz Seiga
Makoto Waltz Seiga
Makoto Waltz Seiga is a major serving under GHQ. He is now in charge of all Funeral Parlor-related matters, and is known for taking his job very seriously.
General Information Edit
Concept Name GHQ
Japanese Name: GHQ
Romaji Name: GHQ
Aliases GHQ whitecoats
1st manga book:
1st anime episode: Guilty Crown #1
1st anime movie:
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