Ghouls (Tokyo Ghouls)

Ghouls (Tokyo Ghouls) is a anime/manga concept
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Ghouls are a race in Tokyo Ghoul franchise. These ghouls mainly eat human flesh while they cannot consume human food except coffee.


A ghoul in their basic Form will seem as ordinary as any other human. Though when a ghoul is pressured, excited or simply chooses to, their Eyes change with the Sclera becoming jet black and the Iris becomes a deep red. A ghoul in nature are predators. They are physically superior to Humans in nearly every way with their superhuman sense of Touch, Sight, Hearing, Smell, Durability & Strength. The only other sense which they do not excel in is there sense of taste, should they consume anything except humans the taste of what they eat or drink will become foul and or unbearable.

Other than their internal organs a ghouls body is incredibly resilient. They can withstand fatal injuries such as having steel girders fall on them, being stabbed by any common sharp object (such as a kitchen knife or blade) or falling from multiple stories without injury. In order to retain these abilities though a ghoul has to consume their primary source of food, that being Humans and with the exception of Coffee. Should a Ghoul be starved their bodies and traits will weaken so much to the point where they will be as vulnerable as a human. Eating Human food has a similar effect to them though not nearly as taxing. When a ghoul is at the brink of starvation they become animalistic in nature and will lose any ability to differ friend from foe. They will seek out a human to feed on even at the cost of there own life.

Powers & Abilities

Every ghoul has one additional organ (Kagune) located at one of the 4 specific locations on their backs from the top down. Each Type has specific traits that separate it from one another. Every ghoul has a unique version on their own kagune types that set them apart from other ghouls of the same type making each rather unique. A Kagune itself is highly resilient and can only be penetrated by another Kagune. In addition, each type has an Advantage and Disadvantage to one anothers type in a Rock-Paper-Scissor like fashion and have drawbacks such as a strong offence but has a weak defence. A Ghoul Can bypass these flaws by training themselves and mastering there Kagunes.

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    At the highest point of the back located on the shoulder blades is the Ukaku type, a wing like Kagune which unlike the other 3 types is incredibly light weight which enables the ghoul to move with superior agility and speeds at the cost of their stamina. Ukaku types are commonly able to project long distance lethal strikes as well as short range attacks, making them very dangerous and they are even capable of short range flight. The ukaku type kagune are at there best when blitzing their prey. As a skirmish is drawn out, an Ukaku type will become progressively less effective.
  • Below the shoulder blades are the Koukaku type kagunes. These steel-like kagunes trade maximum Defence for speed. Though slower than the other 3 types, an Koukaku can easily withstand the barrage of attacks an Ukaku type delivers and can wait them out till they run out of stamina. Offensively and Koukaku can deliver lethal attacks through bludgeoning or through bladed appendages depending on the form of kagune the Ghoul has.
  • On the lower Center of the back is the Rinkaku type, this Kagune is based on pure offensive capabilities.In appearance the Rinkaku normally takes the shape of multiple tentacles. Which in appearance, it varies from ghoul to ghoul. Rinkaku's are capable of puncturing through a Koukaku type kagune from close to mid-ranges. These types of kagunes naturally have a terrible defence. Though if skillfully used a Rinkaku type can use there offence, defensively. For lack of Defence a Rinkaku Ghoul has a unique regeneration ability that greatly surpasses the other types.
  • Lastly is the Bikaku type Kagune, which is located at the tailbone of the body. These kagunes are commonly bright and have a sheen to them. In combat Bikaku users excel in Mid to Close ranges. These types of kagunes are an even balance of the rest making them faster than a Rinkaku but slower than a Ukaku. Rinkaku type ghouls are most vulnerable to a Bikaku type, as they have durable enough defences and fast enough speeds to take advantage of their brittle kagunes. On the contrary an Ukaku type ghoul is the only one to have a distinct advantage to the Bikaku types. There long ranges, unrivaled speeds and agility make them great predators to this type of kagune.
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1st manga book: Tokyo Ghoul #1
1st anime episode: Tokyo Ghoul #1
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