Ghost type (Pokémon) Characters

Ghost type (Pokémon) is a anime/manga concept
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a member of the Kanto Elite Four who specializes in Ghost type Pokemon.

Ash's Haunter

Ash's 8th Pokemon. Ash hoped Haunter would be able to beat Sabrina's Kadabra, but Haunter served a different role in the battle, but was still crucial to Ash's victory. After the battle Ash left Haunter with Sabrina so it could continue to make her happy.


Fantina is the Gym Leader of Hearthome City. She specializes in training Ghost type Pokemon.


A Ghost/Dragon type Legendary Pokemon. Has the ability to travel through dimensions. It is sometimes referred to as the God of Death.


He is the leader of the Eurteak City Pokemon Gym, he uses Ghost type pokemon.


A member of the Unova (Isshu) Elite Four. Shikimi specializes in training Ghost Type Pokemon.

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