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Ghost in the Shell 2.0 is an anime movie in the Ghost in the Shell Franchise
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Too short to live up to it's promise Reviewed by Elfenlied1012 on April 24, 2010. Elfenlied1012 has written 76 reviews. His/her last review was for Planetes. 139 out of 153 users recommend his reviews. 7 out of 9 users found this review helpful.
 the major inside and out
 the major inside and out
  M: hay everyone it’s been quite some time since my last review with F. Well she is on hiatus from pretty much everything for personal reasons so I’m here to fill in the gaps by buying whole bunch of anime mostly ghost in the shell stuff because forever I’ve wanted to watch it, but never had a chance. I decided to start it off with this blue-ray remake, ghost in the shell 2.0.

M: Ghost in the shell 2.O is a kind of neo-cyber punkish military/political commentary animated movie that places it in an odd position in my mind. It’s set in a future Japan where Tokyo is like a dirty version of Venice and apparently there is a large immigration problem for Japan. Most of the setting is kind of vague and left to the viewer to decipher so I can’t state much as fact aside from “Yo it’s the future where like people have robot parts and like cyborgs and stuff, and machineguns that make giant holes, mecha tanks and people can turn invisible and shizz. “ It focuses around a major who is also a cyborg lady and soldier for the ill defined 9who has a flare for the philosophical that, with the other members of Sector 9 (I think that was there name) after an unknown hacker known as the “puppet master.”

M: Okay the bad is kind of weird. The main issue that seemed to soil the whole experience for me a dropped it a full star was just the ending was so just jarringly bad and anti-climatic. So anti-climatic I totally thought that it was

 (the original movie cover)
 (the original movie cover)

a two parter and the credits were for the first part. I hate movies that don’t accept that they should have a real start and real end. I just want to say I paid near 20 bucks to see a movie not half a long movie! It’s not super hard I’ve seen a few episodes of the original Ghost in the shell and they all seemed like independent stories so it’s not like you can’t. I mean they even showed an Ocelotish ass character with zero lines and clearly portrayed him as a foreshadowing villain to the next movie and you don’t even really know who the bad guys in the movie are. It reminded me of the first episode of code geass. Another issue is that there isn’t much time spent learning about the characters because apparently the entirety of the budget was spent on pandering shots for the back drop. Oh god there are just some long pointless shots to the point at one time I thought my PS3 (which was playing it) froze AND I GOT UP TO TURN IT OFF before it changed. Also this is just me being complaining child some of the voices just don’t match and the main character is pretty unlikeable showing like zero emotions.

M: the good mostly is that it feels totally different from most things and has a good as F would say soul to it. The art direction is pretty darkish and illustrates a future I really don’t want to be a part of. I’m really interested in the politics of the world from the short snip-bits that they mention. Really I’m interested in the world more than the characters. All the weapons were really cool and interesting and I love that the one tank/mech thing in movie was

just fucking shit up with a heavy machinegun. Just a lot of cool looking stuff and art as well as a kind of interesting narrative even if it’s not executed not so well. A lot of the other characters that don’t get much screen time seem interesting and makes me look forward to cracking open the stand alone box set I got. It has a ton of promise and style but it just doesn’t seem long enough to merit how awesome it is. It is good, let me repeat that it is good, just it leaves a feeling of being cheated. Oh and to the barbarians out there and I guess F there are boobs in this enjoy.

M:less then the sum of its parts I guess you could say but it will defiantly make you want to see more, but the only reason why that’s acceptable is because there is more, but when stood alone it just doesn’t cut it and sinks in its own promise. It feels like a great advertisement for something far more awesome. This may be unfair but hay I paid for it so I want something worth the money giving this 3.5 Invisible naked women that live only in my mind out of 5.

 Plug it in plus it in.
 Plug it in plus it in.

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