Ghost Hound

Ghost Hound is an anime series in the Ghost Hound franchise
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 In the small Japanese town of Suiten, two children were abducted. They were Mizuka and Taro Komori. The police received a call from the kidnapper demanding a ransom for the safe return of the children. The police later found the man and chased him out of a construction site, but he ran out to the street and was struck by a car. With the kidnapper dead, the location of the children was not discovered for four days. The children were found in an abandoned hospital tied to beds with no food or water. Taro was in a state of shock but still alive. His sister however, did not fare so well and died a few days before. Now eleven years later Taro still has nightmares involving his abduction and seems to have out-of-body experiences while sleeping. 


Taro Komori 

He is the main protagonist of the series. He is fourteen years old. He is kind,gentle and somewhat timid. Taro has had many out-of-body experiences in which he is flying around the local shrine and the abandoned hospital in which he and his sister were held captive. He is also seeing a school therapist named Atsushi Hirata  who is helping him cope. 

Makoto Ogami

He is silent, hot-temperd, and rarely attends school. When he was young, Makoto found his father in his study after having comitted suicide. Many believe that his father did so because he was acussed of being the one who abducted the Komori Children. As a result he has much resentment towards Taro, who is also his cousin. He also openly states that he has no qualms about killing a person.  

Masayuki Nakajima  

He is a recent transfer student to Taro and Makoto's school from Tokyo. Masayuki is arrogant, and somwhat rude. In his previous semester at his other school, Masayuki witnessed a classmate who he was bullying for a long time kill himself by jumping off the roof of the school. And it was later found that the student had written a note on the blackboard to curse Masayuki. After this event, he went to live with his father who was already working at the Di-Nippon Tech company which is close to Suiten. He tries to befriend both Taro and Makoto to learn everything about the kidnapping years ago. 

Miyako Komagusu

She is rather mature for her age and often scolds the boys for visiting the shrine where she and her father live (saying that it is not a playground). She has the ability to see ghosts and sometimes shadows that have happend in the past. 

Takahito Komagusu

Miyako's father and the priest of the local shrine. He has also done a few lectures at the university of Tokyo. 

Roya Komori 

Taro's father. He is the towns most famous sake brewer. He seems to have been able to cope with the incedent better than his wife or his son. 

Miki Komori 

Taro's Mother and Roya's wife. She has been damaged by the incident the most in the family. and she tends to twitch and shudder whenever Mizuka's name is mentioned. seh admits that she is taking medicine so that she can coupe but she says that when taking this medicine, she cannot dream. Taro is more concerned about his mother's condition rather than his own. 
Atsushi Hirata 
He is Taro's new counselor from Tokyo. He is very interested in Taro's dreams and visions. He is a bit eccentric and seems very well practiced. He is also a medium to which many  psychological terms in the series are explaned. 
Himeko Ogami 
She is Makoto's elderly grandmother (on his father's side) who is the head of the family religion. When the kidnapping had began, she claims to have recieved a vision of where the children were being held. She wishes for Makoto to succed as the head of the religion although he has no intrest to do so.   
Kei Yakushi 
She is a woman in her early twenties who works in the Komori's sake brewery and is a friend of the family.   
Series Credits
Person Name Episode Count
Ryutaro Nakamura
Chiaki J. Konaka

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Name Ghost Hound
Name: 神霊狩
Romaji: Shinreigari
Publisher Production I.G, Inc
Start Year 2007
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