Getting Angry and Dancing

Getting Angry and Dancing is an anime episode of Tari Tari that was released on 07/22/2012
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Konatsu decides to give up their group's performance slot in the Festival to an old 3-man band named the Condor Queens, who she is a fan of. Sawa gets mad at Konatsu for not taking her own singing seriously. The Condors, who knew Wakana's mother, encourage Wakana and Konatsu not to give up singing. Luckily Konatsu gets a performance spot with another shop.

Plot Summary

Two members of the Condor Queens
Two members of the Condor Queens

Sawa remembers the first time she rode her horse, Sabure. It was by accident since her father turned his eyes away from her for a few moments. Konatsu, Taichi and Sawa are singing at the beach, but two middle-aged men keeping jumping in to sing with them. It turns out the two men are in a three-man band called The Condor Queens. Their third member is the Spanish-speaking man who chased Wakana. Konatsu remembers that her grandfather used to like them, as a result Konatsu is also a fan. Atsuhiro sees Wakana being chased by the Spanish-speaking man. Atsuhiro quickly follows in a taxi. He manages to catch up and jump tackles the Spanish man. The Spanish man finally explains to Wakana that he knew her mother. Back at the beach, Konatsu asks the Condor Queens to perform in the Festival. But since each shop is only allowed to have one performer or group each, this means that Konatsu has to withdraw so that the Condor Queens can perform in their slot. Sawa isn't sure if this is what Konatsu really wants.

Wakana and her mother Mahiru
Wakana and her mother Mahiru

Since Sawa lives at a shrine, she lets the Condor Queen's park their trailer on her family's property. Choir practice at the beach is also cancelled because of this. Konatsu is excited to talk to the Condors. The Spanish man returns and with Wakana. The whole band is excited to meet Mahiru's daughter (Wakana), who they met on tour. The band members start reminiscing about Mahiru and how similar Wakana looks compared to her mother. Konatsu decides to sleep over at Sawa's for the night.

Early next morning, Taichi is out jogging and Sawa takes Sabure for a ride. Konatsu is also up early helping the Condor Queen's. Konatsu tells Sawa that she is thinking of cancelling today's choir practice so they can watch the Condors do a test performance. Sawa gets angry and accuses Konatsu of not taking singing seriously, and that they haven't made any progress yet. As they are about to head out, the Condors encourage Konatsu to keep trying. Konatsu asks Shiho if there is another performance slot open. At school, Sawa, Taichi, and Atsuhiro are ready for practice, but are waiting for Konatsu. It turns out there is one store that hasn't chosen a performer, Konatsu rushes there immediately. It turns out that Wakana had already visited and told the owner about them. Konatsu thanks Wakana for doing this and they give each other permission to call each other by their first names. (See Note 1)

Wakana studies
Wakana studies

With their spot in the Festival guaranteed, Konatsu's choir-badminton club starts practicing in earnest. Soon enough it's the Music Festival day, and the Condors draw in quite the crowd. Unfortunately the stage where Konatsu and the others are performing is further away from the beach, so it doesn't draw a crowd, so they decide to visit the Condors after one of their performances. The Condors perform a song that they wrote collaboratively with Wakana's mother, Mahiru, called, "Amigo, amigo." Konatsu says she won't give up and that their stage is theirs no matter how small. Wakana is pulled aside by the Condors, they tell her that she can't give up singing and that music is always with you. They give her a letter from her mother.

Taichi, Konatsu, Sawa and Atsuhiro sing
Taichi, Konatsu, Sawa and Atsuhiro sing

When Konatsu, Sawa, Taichi and Atushiro sing at their stage, there are only a few kids in the audience. Regardless they sing their best. At the end of the festival, Konatsu gets a signed copy of the Condor's record and also a picture with them. However, everyone wonders where Wakana has been the whole time.

Points of Interest

  • Atsuhiro tries singing in a falsetto voice. This is a vocal range higher and more breathy than a normal speaking voice.
  • The Condor Queen's pet pig is named Poem.
  • Shiho slaps Konatsu's butt for encouragement. Later in the episode, Sawa tries to do the same, but Konatsu successfully evades it.


The following notes are referenced in the plot summary.

  1. In Japanese, calling someone by their first name is a sign of closeness between two people.


  • Japanese Name: "Okottari Odottari" (怒ったり 踊ったり)
  • Opening Theme: "Dreamer" by AiRI
  • Ending Theme: "Kokoro no Senritsu (#02 ED ver.) (心の旋律)" by Asami Seto & Saori Hayami

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Masakazu Hashimoto Director
Kanami Sekiguchi Character Artist/Designer
Shiro Hamaguchi Music Shiro Hamaguchi has created music for multiple anime series.


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