Get the Fortune Teller!

Get the Fortune Teller! is an anime episode of Sket Dance that was released on 04/19/2012

Get the Fortune Teller! - "Uranaishi o yattsukero" (占い師をやっつけろ 前編)

When Hime and the others go to Reiko to get their fortune read, they find out that Reiko's methods are a scam due to Himiko Minakami's teachings. Switch and the Sket Dan crew challenge Himiko Minakami to a showdown where they will attempt to prove that her fortune telling is a scam in front of her followers.

Can Switch and the others defeat Himiko at her own game?

Plot Summary

Opening Theme

"Reboot" by everset

Shinzo's blood type, zodiac sign
Shinzo's blood type, zodiac sign

Saaya feeds Hosuke and startles Bossun and Switch that she is only her to feed her pet (with a tsundere tone). Hime asks Bossun for his birthday, she can look up his horoscope. Hime tells Bossun that he is going to die today. Later, Bossun wonders about Minakami-style Divinization, and Hime states that it does work, but the cellphone's horoscopes are a joke. Then, Switch informs them about Himiko Minakami, and he asks why Hime is into it. When Hime mentions Reiko has been attending Minakami's seminars and reading student's fortunes, Switch's interest is piqued. Hime and Saaya leave the clubroom to head for Reiko's Occult clubroom. She wonders what Reiko will foretell and brings up romance which Saaya blushes. Skipping like a rabbit, Shinzo meets Hime and Saaya. When Shinzo states that he hasn't met Saaya, Saaya insults him a bit, and Hime explains to him about her tsundere personality. Shinzo introduces himself to Saaya and asks Saaya for her sign. He struggles to find a horoscope that says Aries and Aquarius are compatible. Though, the others leave Shinzo who gets hit on the head by a falling door.

Reiko vs Switch
Reiko vs Switch

At the entrance of the Occult club, Bossun and the others are hesitant on entering the room. Saaya barges in to see three of the girls uttering chants. The taller girl with horns recognizes Bossun, and the trio of girls point to where Reiko is holding her fortune telling business. Moe and Kumi leave the Reiko's place and Moe remarks about going on a diet. The two leave, and Bossun enters to see Reiko being all scary. She thanks Hime, Bossun, and Saaya for their compliments. Before Reiko could service Hime, Switch interrupts them and demands Reiko to read his fortune. Reiko reads Switch's aura, and Switch states it is all a scam. The two quickly argue. Reiko tells Switch to carry a crystal bracelet to protect himself at a price of 6,000 Yen. Switch asks her how much she is hooked on to Himiko Minakami and where would the money go. Once Reiko answers that the money would go to Himiko, Switch urges Reiko to open her eyes, and Bossun asks Reiko to arranged a meeting with Himiko. He vows to solve this problem.

At Himiko's office, Bossun insults the woman by her buzz cut and tells her that she should not force Yuuki to sell and scam others. Switch proceeds to insult her hair style, too. He states that her fortune telling is trickery. Then, Himiko challenges them to a seminar three days from now. Bossun accepts to get his fortune read. Himiko asks Bossun for his name and birthday. Later, Hime and the others walk home, Switch reassures Bossun that he has a plan, and he tells Hime that he has no interest in a dull sparring partner (Reiko) when Hime asks him why he goes so far to help Reiko. Three days later, Himiko reads a businessman's fortune and points to a relationship problem to the audience's amazement. Himiko announces that she has the Sket Dan as her guests who doubt her ability. She states that they will have a showdown. First off, Switch explains that when people hear ambiguous statements, it is easy to get them agree (Barnum effect). He tells Himiko to recall her conversation with the businessman and states this is another method, cold reading. Himiko claims her fortune telling skills are authentic, and she calls Bossun for an aura reading. Himiko states the facts of Bossun's past: losing his parents, developing a family, and finding out he has twins. She laughs and gloats about her skills. Then, Bossun yells it is all lies. It turns out that Bossun is Sasuke in disguise. Apparently, Sasuke did this to help a fellow student, and Switch's plan is going well. Switch explains that she digs up information about her subjects before reading their fortune (Hot Reading). Meanwhile in the audience, Saaya freaks out when Shinzo is near her.

Then, Switch introduces the Kaimei Student council who appears from the floor's elevator. They explain that Himiko had her men asking the students about Bossun. The audience gets rowdy, and Himiko loses the showdown. When the thing is over, Daisy jokes about giving Sasuke away to the Sket Dan. Sojiro and Shinba tells them this is a special case where they worked together. Outside, Switch tells Reiko that he doesn't despise fortune telling, but he states that the fact that fate is pre-determined is wrong. He gets Reiko motivated with a saying, "science doubts, the occult believes," and the two begin their fight. Meanwhile, Sojiro asks Saaya if he is going out with Shinzo and teases her a bit. Saaya states that she has no one she likes while blushing.

Closing Theme

"Colors" by The Sketchbook

Points of Interest

  • Shinzo's new info: Shinzo is born on January 21, an Aquarian, and his blood type is O.
  • Reiko's description of Switch: He has a cheerful personality, and when Switch is alone, he feels lonely. Switch enjoys new things, but loses interest in them quickly.

Switch's Explanations

  • Barnum Effect -
  • Cold Reading -
  • Hot Reading -

Manga & Anime Differences

This episode covers manga chapters 103 and 104 of volume 12.

  • Saaya, Hosuke, Shinzo, Kumi Itou, and the rest of the Kaimei Student Council except Sasuke did not appear in the manga version.
  • Switch's explanation of Himiko's tricks include an extra scene in the manga where he states that Himiko infers from the businessman's hobby, spending the day in the garden.

Characters & Voice Actors

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Kenta Shinohara Original Concept The mangaka behind Sket Dance.
Keiichiro Kawaguchi Director Director for Hayate the Combat Butler and Moetan.
Manabu Nakatake Character Artist/Designer He's the staff behind character design in Sket Dance and other things like key animation editor in other franchises.
Shinichi Inotsume Series Composition He's does series composition in Sket Dance and screenplay or series composition in other franchises.
Shuhei Naruse Music He's the musician in Sket Dance and other franchises.


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