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Enter Sasahara, a freshman entering Shiiou University. He looks for a club to join and sees Genshiken: The Society for the Modern Visual Culture. Despite his shy nature, he joins the club and learns about being more open to his otaku tendencies.


The Genshiken (Gendai Shikaku Bunka Kenkyūkai ( 現代視覚文化研究会 ), or "The Society for the Study of Modern Visual Culture")  is a club. But not any ordinary club. It's not only a manga, or anime, or video game, or cosplay, or model kit appreciation club. It's ALL OF THOSE THINGS. But, more importantly, it's a place where otaku of all shapes and sizes can hang out and talk with their friends. 
Kanji Sasahara
is one such otaku. He's still coming to terms with his own inherent "interests", but with the help of the Genshiken crew, including the snake-like Madarame, the far too bishonen Kousaka, and the ever present club President, he'll learn to embrace otakudom and experience a wide range of almost contradictory personalities. 
Genshiken is written by Shimoku Kio, and was first serialized in Kodansha's Afternoon magazine in June 2002.


  • Kodansha (Japan)
  • Del Rey (North America)
  • Kurokawa (France)
  • Heyne (Germany)
  • Tong Li Publishing Co., Ltd. (China, Taiwan)

Publishing History

 Genshiken was first serialized in Kodansha's seinen magazine Afternoon in June 2002, and concluded in June 2006. The first tankobon volume was released on December 20, 2002, and the ninth and last volume was released on December 2, 2006.
Del Rey Manga licensed Genshiken for an English release in coordination with Kodansha. They released the first English language volume on April 26, 2005, and the ninth was released on November 27, 2007.
A two-part short story was released as an extra alongside the two volumes of the Kujibiki Unbalance manga, in 2006-2007. In 2009, a special 56th chapter was released detailing what was happening to the characters after the series ended, as well as including several new characters set on joining the Genshiken.
There is also an official sequel, titled Genshiken Nidaime (Genshiken Second Generation) chronicling the misadventures of these new members, as well as a few returning favorites. Currently, there have been 6 chapters of Genshiken Nidaime released, although these have not yet been collected in a tankobon volume.


Kanji Sasahara
The newcomer to the Genshiken. Sasahara is still trying to come to terms with his "otakuness" and fondness for anime and manga, afraid that he'll become socially awkward. However, after encountering the Genshiken he learns to accept his love of all things geeky and simply enjoy them... especially hentai. Later on, he becomes a manga editor, and helps his girlfriend Ogiue to publish her work with confidence. He becomes the Genshiken club's third President.
Makoto Kousaka
The blond-haired Genshiken member that looks as if he doesn't belong there. Contrary to his outward pretty boy looks, Kousaka is the best video game player amongst the Genshiken members. He's easy going and friendly, although his girlfriend Kasukabe disproves of his otaku lifestyle. 
Saki Kasukabe
Kousaka's girlfriend. She detests Kousaka's otaku lifestyle and is always trying to get him to quit the Genshiken. Oddly enough, she can sometimes be its most valiant defender, getting it back on its feet when the club faces destruction.
Harunobu Madarame

One of the most hardcore otaku in the club, and probably the least unashamed. Madarame is easily identifiable by his blocky glasses and snake-like fangs. Although he and Kasukabe initially fight like cat and dog due to her hatred of otakus, he eventually develops a crush on Kasukabe, but decides not to tell her for the sake of their friendship. He becomes the Genshiken's second President.
Souichiro Tanaka
One of the more mellow members of the club, Tanaka is nevertheless very much a hardcore otaku. He's into Gundam model building, as well as designing costumes for cosplay, which is why he eventually begins to date Ohno, an ideal model for him.
Mitsunori Kugayama

The Genshiken club's first manga artist. Kugayama is very shy, and often stutters while he speaks. While good when properly motivated, he lacks the motivation and commitment needed to successfully make a doujinshi.
Kanako Ohno
The Genshiken's resident cosplayer. While she is usually quite soft spoken and shy, Ohno becomes an entirely different, confident person while cosplaying, able to bring out the personality of each character she portrays. She also has a secret fetish for yaoi involving middle-aged, muscular men. Ohno is dating Tanaka, and becomes the Genshiken's fourth club President.
Chika Ogiue
The Genshiken club's second, and more successful, manga artist, and Sasahara's girlfriend. While initially proclaiming her hatred of all otaku, Ogiue is just as hardcore about manga as other members of the Genshiken. She enjoys drawing yaoi of people she knows, particularly Sasahara and Madarame. She becomes the fifth President of the Genshiken.
Manabu Kuchiki
The comic relief of the club. Kuchiki is loud mouthed and obnoxious, and is prone to driving the other members up the wall. However, Kuchiki is also quite good at fighting video games, second in the club only to Kousaka.
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English Name Genshiken
Japanese Name: げんしけん
Publisher Del Rey Manga
Start Year 2005
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Aliases Genshiken: The Society of Modern Visual Culture
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