Genshiken #9 - Genshiken, Volume 9

is a manga book published by Del Rey Manga that was released on 11/27/2007

Plot Summary

"Farewell To The Genshiken
It’s graduation day for Kanji, Kousaka, and Saki–and the whole Genshiken gang is there to cheer them on. Get ready for the biggest celebration of all time! Kanpai! Final volume." - Del Rey, Genshiken Volume 9

Chapter 50: Alone with Susie

            All the Genshiken members go to Comic-Fest along with Ohno’s friends from the States. Sue learned Japanese and she punches Sasahara in “the diaphragm.” She plans to study abroad in . She stays over Ogiue’s place to see if she freaks out. Ogiue talks to Sue about being an otaku in and how difficult it is.

Chapter 51: Neverending Earthly Desires

            They all head to for New Year’s. They break into two groups. One group made an offering at the temple while the other group got drunk at a bad. Madarame got lost as everyone convenes together. Kasukabe goes outside and runs into Madarame. He takes her to the bathroom because she’s drunk. After drinking, everyone watches the sunrise together.

Chapter 52: Rain or Shine

            Ogiue’s working on an original project she hopes to submit to Afternoon (a manga magazine). Sasahara reads her storyboards and gives her lots of constructive criticism. She starts yelling at him because she goes to the extremes about her book.

            Another day, Sasahara is waiting near the clubroom and sees Yabusaki (a member of the manga club). They talk about how Ogiue comes back fighting after a beating. He goes back to Ogiue’s place and she gives him 50 more pages done in one night. Sasahara approves of these storyboards and said it was really good.

Chapter 53: The Confession

            Kasukabe is reading manga in the clubroom and Madarame enters. They talk about moving on after graduation. As he gets a drink from the vending machines outside, he starts thinking to himself about why he goes to the Genshiken room in the first place – just to see Kasukabe. He then thinks about this being the only chance to tell her something. When he comes back, she talks about the day they had a similar experience where she was reading a manga and he was nervous but he pretends not to remember. He tries to confess to her but ends up thanking her for the past four years. She thanks him back.

Chapter 54: Forever in my Dreams

            This dialogue-less chapter goes through several emotional moments. The key events are the cosplay photoshoot, preparations for graduation, everybody’s daily activity, and the last scene where the graduation ceremony is about to start for the class of 2005.

Chapter 55: Genshiken

            Everyone is at the graduation ceremony including Keiko. As everyone leaves on their own business for quick preparations, Sasahara and Ogiue had back to the clubroom. As he looks for a doujinshi, he compliments Ogiue on her outfit. All of the rest of the Genshiken members are hiding in the Children’s Literature Club room that is across the Genshiken’s room. They spy on Sasahara and Ogiue but Sasahara stops mid-kiss and notices them. After reconvening, Ohno offers the Genshiken presidency to Ogiue and she accepts. The scene ends with new people entering the Genshiken clubroom.

Special Bonus Manga: A Farewell Party of Love and Delusion

            Everyone is drinking and the guys talk about what each Genshiken girl’s character would be. Madarame states that they’d only be characters with boyfriends if they were all virgins. Kasukabe doesn’t get it and Ogiue comments on sensitive Kasukabe can be even when the conversation is about something very otaku related.


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