Genshiken #8 - Genshiken, Volume 8

is a manga book published by Del Rey Manga that was released on 03/27/2007

Plot Summary

"Otaku Love
The Genshiken girls have been trying to spark a little romance between Kanji and Ogiue for months – and a Genshiken trip to a hot springs resort seems like the perfect opportunity. When Ogiue falls sick, Ohno assigns Kanji to take care of her. The rest of the Genshiken gang leave for the day, and Kanji is finally ready to make his move.
Ogiue, though, is convinced that Kanji will never accept her fan-girl ways. To settle things, Kanji will have to read her doujinshi–the one in which he stars! How will Kanji react when he finds himself to be the centerpiece of Ogiue’s masterwork? Let the fantasy begin!" - Del Rey, Genshiken Volume 8

Chapter 44: Bedazzled

            Five years ago, Ogiue was in her third year of junior high. Ogiue and her friends are in the Lit-Club and they all love yaoi. They decide to write about Makita, a boy in their class, as a “bottom” character in a yaoi story. When she gets the manuscript her friends made, she drew the manga pages and one of her friends compiled it into a book.

            One day, the principal called Ogiue over and they talk about the yaoi book with Makita. He found the book and hasn’t attended school since. The chapter shifts to the present where Ogiue starts crying because it is her fault that Makita had to transfers schools.

Bonus Pages – “Where They were Getting Really Excited”

            Ohno talks about how Sasahara and Madarame are taking a bath together and her own fantasy how they won’t stop glancing at each other. All of the Genshiken girls start talking about who would be the top and bottom of the yaoi relationship. Eventually, Ohno blurts out that Madarame is a pure “sou-uke.”

Chapter 45: Dreaming

            As all the Genshiken members go out sightseeing, Sasahara watches over Ogiue because she has a hangover. He takes care of her by giving water and tea. Ogiue has a nightmare about herself committing suicide and it changes into Makita killing himself. Ogiue starts crying and asks Sasahara how she’s supposed to react to Sasahara’s kindness. He says that he loves her and wants to take care of her. She replies that she doesn’t date guys and she runs away. The Genshiken members head back and see Ogiue escaping. Ohno and Kasukabe start yelling at Sasahara to chase after her so he goes out and ends up finding Ogiue on a bridge.

Chapter 46: The Bridge Home

            Sasahara and Ogiue start talking about why Ogiue hates herself. She says she doesn’t deserve him or the club and she will quit after the trip is over. Sasahara tries to comfort her; then, Ogiue admits that she’s had yaoi fantasies about Madarame and Sasahara together. She also admits that she did the same thing to Makita in junior high. Sasahara doesn’t think it’s a big deal and says that “nobody can stop their own fantasies” and that he would accept her for it. As they head back, they agree to continue their talk after the trip.

Chapter 47: Set Eyes On!

            Sasahara arrives at Ogiue’s place and she gives him a manila envelope full of yaoi pictures of Sasahara and Madarame together. She goes into another room and becomes nervous as Sasahara looks through the pictures. After he was done, he calls her over. The first thing he said is that “it gets hard” for a second because the pictures are very vivid and hardcore. He also says that he sees the love she puts in the characters because of all the details. She explains that if he came over, saw her work, and was okay with it, then she would quit running away. She starts saying he’s supposed to be an aggressive top and more assertive. Sasahara spreads all the pictures out on the table and they start talking about them. Ogiue becomes nervous when Sasahara puts the moves on her and says that he is “[taking] this opportunity to show [her] just how aggressive [he] can be.”

Chapter 48: After-School Date Club

            Ogiue explains that she draws yaoi based on real life experience and imagination which prompts Ohno to say that her pictures have “Sashara’s %#$@!” He enters the room and the conversation shifts to Ogiue and Sasahara’s relationship and how they have not been on a real date unrelated to otaku stuff. Kasukabe insists they go to the zoo and they end up going. They go to the koala exhibit and nothing happens there. They visit other areas and Ogiue gets excited when they reach the elephants. As they go back to Ogiue’s place, she notices a Comic-Fest refusal letter and she becomes melancholic and says this is punishment for forgetting the past.

Chapter 49: The Maid Café and the Three Visits

            Genshiken has a booth for the school festival where anyone can try cosplaying and get pictures taken. Ogiue’s illustrations are on display as people wait in line. Girl manga club members come in and try to talk to Ogiue but they end up leaving. Ogiue takes a break from the booth and thinks to herself how she can’t get Makita’s forgiveness. She goes to the manga club’s maid café and they talk about the bad conditions the manga club girls are in. Ogiue tries to apologize but the girl yells at her. Ogiue comes back to the Genshiken booth and the three manga club girls come back. They try to make up with Ogiue by offering a position as a guest artist in a doujinshi they’re working on.


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