Genshiken #7 - Genshiken, Volume 7

is a manga book published by Del Rey Manga that was released on 10/31/2006

Plot Summary

"Otaku From Another Planet
On a lunch break at the Genshiken, Madarame is minding his own business when in walks Angela, a blond, blue-eyed otaku unlike anyone he has ever seen. However, Angela seems to know all about him! It turns out that Angela and her pal Susie, old friends of Ohno’s, are visiting from the United States. Angela has a taste for hardcore doujinshi, and Sue can’t seem to stop quoting offensive lines from her favorite anime. In just two days, the American visitors manage to turn the Genshiken upside down. Can the club survive a visit from these ambassadors of otakudom without inciting an international incident?" - Del Rey, Genshiken Volume 7

Chapter 37: Endless Waltz

            It’s spring and it’s time to recruit new club members. Newly assigned president Ohno displays her cosplay outfits as part of Genshiken’s booth. Ohno sends Kuchiki back to the clubroom after he disrupted potential new members. Ogiue leaves the room in disgust as Kuchiki enters. Kasukabe also enters the clubroom. The simultaneous conversations in the clubroom and the booth are talking about Kuchiki’s eccentricities. Kuchiki heads back to the booth and reads some manga. He notices a shady guy that the others don’t notice. That guy steals one of the costumes from the booth. Kuchiki chases after him and after acting weird, the guy returned the outfit when he pushed Kuchiki to the floor. Ohno gets angry when she notices Kuchiki on the floor with one of her outfits and she starts yelling at him for making it filthy. As he gets insulted, he puts the outfit and acts like an idiot.

Chapter 38: Cosplay Club

            Ogiue was accepted to Comic-Fest. When she enters the clubroom, Ohno is seen scheduling her costumes for cosplay events. They talk about how cosplaying can be embarrassing in comparison to making a yaoi doujinshi. Ogiue pours her soul out, talking about how she feels doubt and pressure because she isn’t sure if she can share her “sick and twisted fantasies.” Ohno comforts her with observations of other yaoi doujinshi creators, their fans, and how everyone can’t be judged based on a few experiences with them. After feeling relieved, Ohno asks if Ogiue wants to do cosplay; Ogiue responds saying she would give it a try one day among friends. As Sasahara enters the clubrrom, he sees Ohno and Ogiue cosplaying. Ogiue covers herself up and tries to run away but she notices there is no where to run.

Chapter 39: One, Two, Finish

            In the train, Kasukabe had a nightmare about Kousaka explaining how as long as he has ero games, then they don’t need “quality time” together. In the clubroom, everyone is talking about looking for jobs. Sasahara glances nervously as Ogiue enters the room. The conversation shifts to Ogiue and her doujinshi. Ohno and Kasukabe step outside and talk about relationships between club members. Keiko comes over asks about a summer trip. Then, she abruptly asks if Sasahara and Ogiue are dating. Ogiue becomes defensive and Sasahara becomes nervous. Kousaka enters the clubroom saying he found a job with an ero game company called Pushuke. Everyone starts leaving the clubroom leaving Ohno and Ogiue behind. At Sasahara’s place, he is seen playing on his computer and thinking about Ogiue.

Chapter 40: Come Here, My Dear

            Ohno and Sasahara go to Ogiue’s place to talk about helping Ogiue’s booth at Comic-Fest. Ogiue is prepared to give copies of everything and even explains that she sent her doujinshi at the printers already. Ohno excuses herself to the bathroom and thinks to herself that she may be meddling in the other two’s business too much. After Ohno comes back, Sasahara says he won’t be reading Ogiue’s book because Ogiue doesn’t want to share her odd interests. Ohno suggests shoing Sasahara Ogiue’s non-yaoi work but Ogiue refuses again. As Sasahara and Ohno leave, Ohno contemplates how to get the other two together.

            Another day comes and Madarame is eating lunch in the clubroom by himself. A gaijin (foreigner) comes in. Ohno comes in with another foreigner with long, straight hair in tow. As other Genshiken members enter, Ohno introduces her friends from the States, Angela Burton and Susanna Hopkins (Sue or Susie for short). Since they’re here, she can’t help Ogiue and Sasahara run the booth at Comic-Fest.

Chapter 41: There’s No Such Thing as a Line that Never Ends

            Sasahara and Ogiue meet at the convention center and get Ogiue’s booth ready. Customers come and go as Ogiue starts talking to them more. She excuses herself from the booth when she saw him smile so happily because she became embarrassed. When she comes back, they start talking about being an editor and a mangaka. Her past junior high friends come over to the booth. When they leave, Ogiue starts not feeling good because it’s “an emotional thing.” Sue comes over and goes to buy Ogiue’s doujinshi; Ogiue and Sasahara start panicking about giving it to her for free and communicating with her so Sasahara eventually says in English “present for you!” Sue opens the doujinshi to an explicit page and she asks Ogiue to sign it. Ogiue becomes very embarrassed because Sasahara ends up seeing her doujinshi.

Chapter 42: The Interview

            Sue is constantly following Ogiue around on day three of Comic-Fest. Angela starts raving about Ogiue’s doujinshi and how she wants to see the first Genshiken doujinshi. The following day, Ohno’s friends return to . Sasahara arrives home and sees another rejection letter and he contemplates why he wanted to be a manga editor in the first place. He finds an ad for a manga editor job in the newspaper. He passes the first interview and goes on to the second one. Sasahara starts talking about Genshiken, their doujinshi at Comic-Fest, and the experiences he learned from it. A few days later, he receives mail that says he got the job.

Chapter 43: Welcome Party

            The club members are at Kuruizawa for two nights and three days as a club trip. All of the girls took off as the guys talk about Sasahara’s new job. The scene cuts to Madarame’s memory of Kasukabe saying that the trip’s purpose is to set Ogiue and Sasahara up. Back in the present time, Kuchiki starts yelling about no good peeping spots at the bath. The scene cuts to Ohno and Ogiue talking about Ogiue’s experience at Comic-Fest and how Sasahara saw an explicit page of Ogiue’s doujinshi. Keiko and Kasukabe come back from shopping. It’s evening and Kasukabe goes to the bath with Ohno and she ties Kuchiki up so he doesn’t peek. Ohno asks if Kasukabe wants to “touch them” and how she was just following the obligatory manga ritual. They talk about Ogiue and Sasahara’s relationship. Eventually, all the girls go to a secluded room of the house to have a drink-a-thon.

“Super Sexy Bonus Manga – Summer isn’t Steamy Enough”

Ohno is pretending to check out Kasukabe as she changes clothes. Ogiue enters the bath. Ohno gets out as Keiko comes in. Keiko exclaims that Ohno’s chest is huge and she wants to touch them. At the end, Keiko and Ogiue are awkwardly in the bath.


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