Genshiken #6 - Genshiken, Volume 6

is a manga book published by Del Rey Manga that was released on 07/25/2006

Plot Summary

"Where The Boys Are
Ogiue is determined to sell her own doujinshi at the next ComicFest. What genre is she attempting? Why a gay romance - starring none other than Madarame and Kanji Sasahara! But when Saki-san catches a glimpse of one of Ogiue’s sketches, she gets the wrong idea. Now Saki is convinced that Ogiue is in love with Kanji, and she’s dead set on playing Cupid. Meanwhile, as Madarame and Tanaka prepare to graduate, Kanji is about to become a busy senior. He’s ready to step down from the Genshiken oval office, but who will take over the role of club president? Here’s a hint... can you say cosplay?" - Del Rey, Genshiken Volume 6

Chapter 31: Kashimashi Musume 1

            All of the Genshiken members talk about the main event for this year’s school festival. They decide that it will be Ohno’s photoshoot that will be the highlight of their booth. They also trie to get Ogiue to cosplay since Tanaka secretly made a bunch of Lolita character outfits for Ogiue. This causes Ohno to become jealous but she helps Kasukabe to pressure Ogiue to cosplay. Ogiue ends up cosplaying in the changing room as Renko Kamishakujii from Kujibiki Unbalance. She only cosplayed in front of Kasukabe and Ohno. This incident made Ohno and Ogiue closer together.

Chapter 32: In their Own World

            Kasukabe sees Madarame in public and waves at him but he ignores her. When they’re both in the clubroom, they start arguing with each other over Kasukabe’s “norm” friends versus his otaku identity and how they should not intermingle. Another time in public, Madarame says hi to Kasukabe and she gives him a dirty look. Her friends leave and they go out to each sushi together. Kasukabe orders the expensive things like ootoro and Madarame gets the cheap stuff. They start having friendly conversation but in Madarame’s head, he thinks about the idea of liking her if she was from another planet because he can accept and forgive her. They ride the train together in silence.

Chapter 33: Transformation

            Everyone starts talking about resumes and their plans for the next Comic-Fes. Ogiue denies that she would not go except on the last day to help the Genshiken members buy books. The first day of Comifes arrives and Ogiue is standing alone in a disguise with glasses on. She starts mentally getting angry with all of the otaku around her; despite this, she is seen buying doujinshi left and right. When she sees the other Genshiken members, she gets really close to them without them noticing. When Sasahara looks over and sees her, Ogiue turns around and tries to run away but ends up bouncing off of Ohno’s chest and falling backwards. She notices her bag spilt all of her yaoi doujinshi all over the floor and out of embarrassment, she runs away. For the next week, Ogiue did not go to the Genshiken clubroom.

Chapter 34: A One-Way Ticket on the Fantasy Express

            Sasahara is pulling Madarame’s tie because Madarame was joking about his tie being made by Tanaka. Ogiue comes in and asks Sasahara a question about the Comic-Fest application form. When she was alone in the clubroom, she starts having thoughts about Sasahara and Madarame’s relationship and how it can be like a yaoi couple. She ends up drawing a picture of Sasahara looking like a dominant “top” character and Kasukabe peers over her shoulder with a smirk on her face. Kasukabe got the wrong idea because she thinks that Ogiue has a crush on Sasahara. Kasukabe tries to hook them up by asking Sasahara to help Ogiue when she sells her doujinshi. Ogiue tries to explain to Kasukabe what she was thinking about earlier so she drew Madarame’s picture on the same shot with Sasahara’s picture. Kasukabe thinks that she has a crush on both of them. Ohno understood the picture perfectly.

Chapter 35: The Flying Futon

            Keiko, Sasahara’s sister, comes over trying to proclaim her newfound otakuness. At the day of the Shiiou University Exams, she becomes nervous even though she stated that she studied hard for it. She calls Kasukabe for reassurance but Kasukabe ends up falling asleep on the phone and Kousaka picks it up. He says that she fell asleep and good luck. Keiko has a newfound confidence because she spoke with Kousaka but this did not help her because she failed. She decides to join the club despite not being in that school.

Chapter 36: Graduation Syndrome

            Everyone starts talking about graduation and jobs since Tanaka, Kugayama, and Madarame are graduating. Ohno starts crying because everyone will graduate before her since she doesn’t have enough credits since she transferred from the States. At the graduation itself, the Genshiken members talk about the graduation of the president and vice president characters in Kujibiki Unbalance. Sasahara decides to resign presidency over to Ohno who accepts only after Kasukabe says that Ohno can turn it into a cosplay club.

Special Bonus Manga: A Graduation Party of Love and Desire

            Everyone is drinking while they celebrate some of their members’ graduation. Tanaka takes out a figure he is making and Ohno starts saying that it is sexual harassment since he based the underwear and bra on the figure to her own undergarments. The figure ends up breaking and Ohno proclaims that it is “God’s wrath!”


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