Genshiken #5 - Genshiken, Volume 5

is a manga book published by Del Rey Manga that was released on 04/25/2006

Plot Summary

"The Doujinshi Code
The Genshiken has long been famous for its remarkable record of inactivity. But now that Kanji Sasahara has stepped in as the new club president, it looks as though things may change. Kanji wants the club to produce its first fanzine – and when the Genshiken members are accepted as official vendors at the summer Comic-Fest, they are forced to create a real doujinshi... and fast! With only a month before the submission deadline, can this sluggish bunch of otaku actually get anything done? Meanwhile, Kousaka is about to reveal a secret side of himself that nobody has ever seen..." - Del Rey, Genshiken Volume 5

Chapter 25: Dive*Dive*Dive!

            The Genshiken members try to ambush Ogiue by spreading various yaoi books all over the table and leaving her alone in the clubroom. Kasukabe enters the room and starts talking about Ogiue’s experience with yaoi. Kasukabe ends up calling Ohno, who is hiding in another clubroom, and decides her plan is foiled and to head back. When Ohno comes in, there is animosity between Ogiue and Ohno about Ogiue’s degree of otakuness. Kuchiki enters the clubroom and shows everyone the video and pictures he took of Ogiue at a yaoi doujinshi sales event. Ogiue tries to hide her embarrassment but it doesn’t work so she tries to jump out the window.

The Genshiken ever ambush Kuchiki because has no shame in reading explicit doujinshi in public.

Chapter 26: Applied Theory of Madarame’s Shopping Method

            Kasukabe comments on Ogiue’s fashion style. Madarame enters with new, square glasses but Kasukabe ends up laughing. She tells him to go shopping for new clothes to look more professional. The next day, Madarame goes shopping; he becomes overwhelmed by price tags and second floors. Eventually, he figures out that if he finds stuff he likes based on his own tastes, then it’s okay to spend the money. He bought a new jacket and a pair of pants and when he went to the clubroom, everyone complimented him, including Kasukabe. Ogiue enters the room right after with an outrageous outfit that everyone gawks at her and has forgetten all about Madarame.

Chapter 27: Stay on Target

            The Genshiken is officially accepted as a Comic-Fest vendor. Madarame and Sasahara start talking about the doujinshi they make. Ogiue doodles something on a pad of paper and they look at it and end up asking her if she wants to help out on the doujinshi. Haraguchi comes in and gives them a deal with a bunch of famous doujinshi activities so that they can make a lot of money. Sasahara declines the offer and gets everyone’s contact information so that he can individually decline to each artist. The club figures out how many books they’ll print and its costs.

Chapter 28: The First Ever “We’ve Hardly Got Any Pages Done Yet – Comic-Fest” Strategy Meeting

            The Genshiken only has a few pages done and they start arguing about schedules and all the problems between Sasahara and Kugayama about responsibility. Ogiue chimes in to say it would be a wasteto give up. She begins to cry so Kasukabe ends up telling everyone the schedule they must follow to get things done. They end up finishing in time and then in August 15, it is the third day of Comic-Fest.

Chapter 29: Little Big Sight 1

            Sasahara, Kousaka, and Kuchiki enter as vendors to the Comic-Fest area. Kuchiki’s job is to shamelessly buy things. They set up the booth and end up meeting Haraguchi. He subtly criticizes their doujinshi in a mean way. The Genshiken figure out different sales tactics like standing up and Ohno cosplaying as the vice president character of Kujibiki Unbalance to garner attention. Each member has their own selling shift.

Chapter 30: Little Big Sight 2

            Kousaka comes in crossplaying as a female character with her midriff showing from Kujibiki Unbalance. Ohno and Kousaka combined start selling lots of books. Sasahara goes around to all the artists Haraguchi tried to scam to apologize personally. When they sell out of their books, Kasukabe comes over and is about to give a rant but then Kuchiki interrupts her with a bunch of stuff. He ends up getting socked in the face by Kasukabe because he interrupted her. Their total sales were roughly $835 and they had a post-fest party.


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