Genshiken #4 - Genshiken, Volume 4

is a manga book published by Del Rey Manga that was released on 01/31/2006

Plot Summary

"All Hail President Sasahara
A short time ago, college freshman Kanji Sasahara was struggling with an otaku identity crisis, but joining the Genshiken gave Kanji the confidence to fully embrace the otaku lifestyle. So when club president Madarame resigns from office, he pegs Kanji as the best candidate to fill his shoes. And what is President Sasahara’s first order of business? To create a Genshiken fanzine to sell at the next Comic-Fest, which seems to many like a bold step for the notoriously inactive Genshiken. Meanwhile, cosplay aficionados Ohno and Tanaka appear to be spending a lot of time together. Does that mean love is in the air?" - Del Rey, Genshiken Volume 4

Chapter 19: Punishment

            The Genshiken is not allowed to participate in the school festival because Kasukabe set fire in the school courtyard by accident. Ohno was going to participate in the city’s Anime Fest but can’t because she is sick due to Kasukabe accidently throwing questionably dirty water over Ohno’s face. Kasukabe’s punishment is to cosplay in the contest.

            The day of the festival arrives and Ohno helps and coaches Kasukabe’s cosplay as the other Genshiken members sit in the audience. Kasukabe enters the stage wearing Ritucho Kubel Kettenkrad, a character from Kijibiki Unbalance. After her mini-interview on stage, she notices a guy in the audience with a hidden camera in his bag taking up-skirt footage. She confronts him and calls him a freak. As she returns to her position on stage, the audience stars clapping for her because she captured the character’s personality that she is cosplaying. She wins the cosplay contest. Despite Kasukabe doing a good deed, the temporary order to cease all Genshiken activities were not lifted.

Chapter 20: Members in Exile

            Since the clubroom was shut down, the Genshiken members had to meet at each others’ rooms. This time, it is Kugayama’s turn. As they start talking about their budget, Kasukabe notices a sketchbook and looks through it. Kasukabe says that Kugayama should become a manga artist but he says he can’t. Kasukabe inquires about the difference between good and bad manga art and each member chimes in on what is good their favorite artists.

            The next meeting is held at Tanaka’s place. Kasukabe snoops around and finds an ero game model figure. Then, the next meeting is held at Madarame’s. He says he didn’t bother cleaning his messy room, thus not hiding anything embarrassing. Kasukabe opens up a drawer that Madarame didn’t want open and finds dvds of porn with an S&M theme. After everyone left, Madarame took out the dvds because they were just a decoy to a hidden envelope with pictures of Kasukabe in her cosplay.

Chapter 21: Happy New Year

            The Genshiken’s official punishment is to cease all activity for a month and perform 100 hours of community service. As they retrieved things from the clubroom before its doors were shut, Kasukabe begins crying after a comment by Madarame because it is her fault that everyone is depressed about ceasing all Genshiken activity and she feels guilty. Kousaka comforts her and she feels better. When they get their community service schedule, they notice it coincides with Winter Comic-Fest’s schedule. Only Kasukabe isn’t scheduled for on of its days and they guilt her into going. She is not very successful in getting the books they requested from her.

Chapter 22: The Rebirth of the Genshiken

            The Genshiken’s probation has ended and they celebrate while discussing the Kuji-Un series. Madarame decides to resign his presidency and hands it over to Sasahara. He accepts the role and states that his goal as the new president is to have a booth at the next Comic-Fest. They ask the manga club for help about the details in getting a booth. Sasahara does the application in the clubroom.

Chapter 23: Space Channel #2

            Sasahara ran into Tanaka and Ohno in Akihabara. The next day, Sasahara starts talking about them and if they’re dating. As they enter the clubroom together, Kousaka bluntly asks if they’re going out. Kasukabe starts acting like a gossip columnist as she asks if they’ve ever “done it” in cosplay yet. Ohno remarks that it would “soil the integrity of the character.” Ohno leaves he room abruptly with Tanaka following her.

The next day, Kasukabe apologizes to Ohno. As they head to the clubroom, they run into Madarame looking depressed. They asked why and he makes up an excuse about Tanaka only telling Kugayama about Ohno and Tanaka’s relationship.

Chapter 24: New Unbalance

            Manabu Kuchiki comes back to the Genshiken asking to join since he got kicked out of the anime club. Meanwhile, a manga club member jumps out of the clubroom’s window. Another manga club member asks if the new girl can join the Genshiken. She introduces herself as Chika Ogiue and says that she hates otaku. Ogiue explains that she jumped out of the window to make the other girl members of the manga club guilty. Kuchiki gets mad at Ogiue and hits Ogiue in the head. Kasukabe gets really mad and pummels Kuchiki for hitting a girl.


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