Genshiken #3 - Genshiken, Volume 3

is a manga book published by Del Rey Manga that was released on 10/25/2005

Plot Summary

"Sisterly Love
Kanji Sashara’s annoyingly normal little sister, Keiko, has fallen for video game master Kousaka. And now she’s willing to do whatever it takes to steal him away from his girlfriend, Saki Kasukabe... even if it means becoming a fangirl herself!
But as a wise member of the Genshiken once said: “You don’t become an otaku by trying.” So Saki teaches Keiko-chan what dating a rabid fan truly means... and it ain’t pretty. Then, just to add to the craziness, there’s plastic modeling mayhem (don’t ask), the challenge of Kanji’s first PC, and Saki’s penchant for pyromania. Looks like things are heating up!" - Del Rey, Genshiken Volume 3

Chapter 13: The Smell of Spring

            Kasukabe enters the Genshiken clubroom as Ohno and Tanaka are making Gundam garage kit models. She steps outside to smoke because Tanaka said there should be no open flames when near the stuff that is used for their model kit making. Everyone goes to the roof to finish their garage kits because they were receiving complaints about paint fumes. When Ohno was done with her Gundam “Gufu” model, Kasukabe picked it up and accidently broke its leg off. Ohno starts crying and Madarame explains that that she’s crying because you can’t replace a home-made model that was made with love and affection. Kasukabe becomes guilty of the emotional attachment Ohno had on the model so she asks what she can do to make up for it. Ohno says that she wants Kasukabe to do cosplay with her. Kasukabe gets pissed off when Tanaka gives the cat ears she wore previously but with a newly added frill In the end, Tanaka ends up fixing the model for Ohno.

Chapter 14: Inner Space

            Madarame walks in on Kasukabe reading a manga alone in the clubroom. He becomes nervous and starts thinking that this is like a video game conversation where you are limited to the number of choices to say and do. Because of his nervousness, he excuses himself from the room. After coming back, he offers her canned tea but she declines. He notices that a nose hair is sticking out of Kasukabe’s nose and he thinks it’s the perfect time to strike up a conversation but decides not to. He decides he’ll put on his best smiley face to talk to her, but he looked repulsive and Kasukabe slapped him since he looked weird and menacing. He excuses himself again and heads to the bathroom. He contemplates that it is difficult that he has known her for over a year because “it [makes it] even harder.”

Chapter 15: 20,000 Miles to Heaven

            Everyone in the Genshiken and Keiko, Sasahara’s sister, are at the beach. Keiko tries to hang out with Kousaka and Kasukabe but she keeps getting hurt by Kasukabe. The Genshiken members left behind decided to play Gundam-themed shiritori, a word game involving syllables. They eventually all play along the beach, minus Kugayama since he is watching the stuff and doesn’t want to get tired for the drive back. Tanaka and Ohno are playing in the sand making sand castles. Keiko ends up seeing her boyfriend and they start fighting. He was about to hit her when Kousaka jumps in saying that this place is a family beach so there shouldn’t be any violence. Everyone goes back home tired.

Chapter 16: Brothers and Sisters

            Everyone is going to the summer Comic-Fest with Keiko tagging along. Kasukabe decided to come because she has to keep an eye out for Keiko since she’ll try to steal Kousaka away. These two end up being left behind because it is so busy and hot. They start talking about how being an otaku is not from trying but just from realization. Keiko decides that she will head home after realizing it is difficult to steal Kousaka away from Kasukabe.

Chapter 17: Life or Death

            Sasahara decides that he’ll buy a computer to play explicit games. They decide to head to Akihabara to buy a computer. When they went back to the Genshiken clubroom, Madarame lends Sasahara some ero games. The Genshiken members start explaining to Kasukabe that playing ero games and having a girlfriend are “two totally separate things.” They head to Sasahara’s house and install some ero games. They all leave and Sasahara starts enjoying some of his new games installed on his computer.

Chapter 18: The 512 “This Week’s Kujibiki Unbalance was Awesome” Meeting. Fire Away!

            Kasukabe slips on something in Kousaka’s room and ends up bumping her head so she says they need to clean up his room. When everyone was in the clubroom, they start talking about Kujibiki Unbalance. Then, they talk about the school festival, what they will do there, and that the manga and anime club are participating in the Anime-Fest that is hosted by the city. As Kasukabe leans back in her chair, she hits a cabinet where a box hits in her the same place she bumped her head earlier that day. This prompts her to make everyone clean the clubroom. When Saki goes for a smoke, she accidentally starts a fire with all of the stuff they were cleaning up. After the fire incident, the Genshiken were ordered to stop all activity until further notice.


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