Genshiken #2 - Genshiken, Volume 2

is a manga book published by Del Rey Manga that was released on 06/26/2005

Plot Summary

"Save the Genshiken!
Kanji Sasahara has finally accepted that he’s a true otaku who belongs in the Genshiken. Meanwhile, Saki Kasukabe still can’t stand how much time her boyfriend, video game master Kousaka, wastes with the Genshiken guys.
Saki isn’t the only one who’s upset that the club members do nothing but sit around playing video games. Kitagawa, the vicious vice president of the campus activities organization, is determined to break up the Genshiken. But the Prez has some dirt (and leverage) on Kitagawa. In fact, the Prez seems to have the lowdown on a lot of students–including Saki Kasukabe, who suddenly harbors a fear of hidden cameras!" - Del Rey, Genshiken Volume 2

Chapter 7: A Fruit Plucked Too Soon

            The school festival is starting and the Genshiken’s booth is up with brittle, old posters as booth babe Kanako Ohno cosplays in front of it. Souichiro Tanaka talks about how wearing cat ears with normal clothes can have a similar feeling to cosplaying. Saki Kasukabe receives a phone call from her ex-boyfriend and she excuses herself to go meet up with him. He tries to get back together with Kasukabe but she says that she’s already dating someone and leaves the ex there. Afterwards, the Genshiken members and Kasukabe find Kousaka playing in a video game tournament held by the anime club. Everyone heads back to the Genshiken booth and notices Ohno getting a lot of attention and pictures taken of her cosplay. Harunobu Madarame sneakily puts cat ears on Kasukabe which results in her chasing him around with a broomstick. Kasukabe’s ex-boyfriend walks past the booth and she becomes embarrassed. Makoto Kousaka comes back from the tournament and reassures Kasukabe that she looks cute. Everyone else compliments her on the cat ears and then she goes ballistic with the broomstick, whacking it everywhere.

Chapter 8: The North Wind

            The Genshiken members realized that their club is on the list of groups that need to be “dissolved… due to inactivity.” At first, Kasukabe was laughing that the club had to be broken up but then she starts talking about how the club members need confidence and to stand up for themselves. Kasukabe and Ohno go to the On-Campus Organization Committee. Kitigawa, the vice-chairman of that committee, starts arguing with Kasukabe about the reasons for the dissolution of Genshiken. When they go back to the clubroom, the Genshiken president tells Kasukabe and Ohno about Kitigawa’s athelete’s foot. Kasukabe and Ohno go back to the committee and confront Kitigawa about it. The chairman of the committee goes to Kitigawa to reassure her about the disease and asks her out. When Kasukabe and Ohno go back to the clubroom again, they explain that Genshiken needs to submit a list of activities they plan to do and they will get reevaluated. The Genshiken president asks Kasukabe about becoming a full-fledged member of Genshiken and when she refuses, he says that she spends a lot of time “fooling around” in the clubroom. Oblivious to the other members, Kasukabe becomes embarrassed and she says that she would join the club.

Chapter 9: Hi, Flying High

            The Genshiken members (minus Kasukabe), head to the winter Comic-Fest. Madarame falls down onto his wrist and he thinks he sprained it. After entering the convention building, Madarame starts feeling weird and notices that his hand is bulged out a lot. Eventually, he collapses onto the floor and then is wheeled off on a stretcher by convention workers to head to a hospital.

Chapter 10: Sadomasochism

            Kasukabe looks depressed as she starts talking to Ohno about her hair length. Ohno says she keeps it long for cosplaying and then Kasukabe asks about Ohno’s breast size. Ohno becomes embarrassed by the overreaction of Kasukabe saying that they are like “superhero-sized boobs.” Kasukabe tries to segue into asking for advice about Kousaka, except she uses her made-up friend that is dating an otaku. Supposedly, this friend was having “relations” when an anime show popped up on tv. They switched positions so she couldn’t see what was going on. The Genshiken members get embarrassed and explain that he was probably watching the anime because it is really popular right now. Kasukabe sighs and says that maybe she should try cosplaying because Kousaka got excited when she wore cat ears. To hide her alibi of her “friend” having issues, Kasukabe changes the subject to cosplay sex. Madarame says that her friend should just become an otaku since otaku only think about anime and video games. Kasukabe think it over and says she’ll learn how to play a video game. Madarame, Sasahara, and Ohno teach Kasukabe about the game PuyoPuyo. Kasukabe heads to Kousaka’s house and they start playing PuyoPuyo. After 32 seconds, she is defeated. She gets depressed and hides underneath his blankets saying that she is cosplaying a “PuyoPuyo.”

Chapter 11: Sasahara Gains Some Hit Points, But Loses Intelligence Points

            Sasahara laments about losing some self control after become a full-fledged otaku. He says he wants a computer but doesn’t have the money for it. His little sister Keiko calls him and the whole Genshiken gang goes with him to pick her up at the station. She asks him for money to borrow so that she can go home. Kasukabe decides to play a trick on her and acts like she is Sasahara’s girlfriend but Sasahara explains she isn’t his girlfriend. After Keiko says that she must be an otaku, they start arguing. Kousaka comes over and Keiko becomes enamored by his looks. Kousaka shows off his newest wall-scroll of a character from an ero game.

Chapter 12: Please Mr. President!

            The new freshmen are coming in and the Genshiken members talk about how they should get people to join the club. Ohno suggests that they should use cosplaying and she asks Kasukabe to cosplay with her, but she refuses. The president announces that he will be graduating and will pass the presidency onto Madarame. Two new members join the Genshiken, Sawazaki and Manabu Kuchiki. Kasukabe decides to haze the new members by saying that the Genshiken room is haunted. Then, she says to join the club, the new members must beat Kousaka at a fighting game. After being humiliated, the two new members left and therefore, Genshiken did not gain any new members.


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