Genius Idiot Bakabon

Genius Idiot Bakabon is an anime series
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The insane Bakabon family-eccentric Papa, gentle Mama, genius Hajime, and absentminded Junior-are constantly trying to outdo each other with wacky schemes, but with the exception of the baby, they're all stupid. Shown after Star of the Giants in a prime slot, the series soon deviated from the original as sponsor pressure increased-with Father getting a respectable job and the introduction of previously unseen characters to fill out the otherwise small cast.

Fujio Akatsuka, who wrote the original 1967 gag manga on which all the series were based, also created the comedy Osomatsu-kun and the girls' series Secret Akko-chan. The series returned in 1975 with Original Genius Idiot Bakabon, a title chosen by its creator to demonstrate that it was truer to the manga from which it came. The new version included the manga favorite Eel-Dog (whose mother is an eel and father is a dog), and Lelele, the Bakabons' next-door neighbor who is obsessed with sweeping, and several crazy classmates from Bakada University.

It came back once more in 1990 with Heisei-era Genius Idiot Bakabon and an all-new cast except for Mother, played by Junko Yamazawa. The series was brought back yet again in 2000 in a version from Studio Pierrot, reuniting the family with old favorites like the trigger-happy policeman and the grumbling old man Wanagin. The Genius Idiot cast would also team up with Aka-tsuka's other creations for the 1991 movie spoof 3,000 Leagues in Search of Osomatsu's Curry, directed by Akira Saito. Father and son Bakabon go on a quest for the most delicious curry in the world in a spoof of both From the Apennines to the Andes and Journey to the West.

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Name Genius Idiot Bakabon
Romaji: Tensai Bakabon
Publisher ?
Start Year 1971
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Aliases Genius Bakabon
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