Generator Rex Concepts

Generator Rex is a franchise comprised of 1 movie
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Big Bad

Usually the main villain of the season/show. Alongside the "Bigger Bads", they are the most difficult to defeat or even kill.

Bigger Bad

A type of Villain more power full than the Big Bad and can be a recurring villain as well.


The Main Villains of the third season of Generator Rex.


One of Ben's first Alien forms

Echo Echo

One of ben's new aliens in Alien force and has an ultimate form in Ultimate Alien.


One of Ben's alien forms


Heatblast is one of Ben's aliens


One of Ben's alien in Alien force.In Ultimate Alien it can evolute into Ultimate Humugousaur.


The act of controling an individual, making him preform actions at your will.


Rath is one of Ben's new aliens in Alien Force.He has an Anti-Heroic personality and is not quite smart.


Swampfire is one of Ben's Aliens in Alien Force and Ultimate Alien.

Time Travel

The ability to travel from one era to another, forward and/or backward.

Way Big

Way Big is one of Ben's Aliens

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