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In 2007, new students Koji, Ryo, and Gawl arrive at Oju Academy Town in Japan, but they are not like the other students at this elite institution. They are time travelers from a future in which humanity has been enslaved by Guyver-esque mutants called the Generators. After a hellish training program, the resistance movement has sent them back in time to prevent Professor Nekasa from inventing the Generator process at the Academy. However, the professor proves elusive, while the trio is opposed by agents from its own era, sent back to ensure Nekasa's activities are not interrupted. Their one hope in their struggle is Gawl himself, who has reluctantly submitted to the monstrous Generator process, allowing him to transform into a creature that can fight their enemies on their own terms. A mixture of the chronological espionage of Terminator and the unwilling, angst-ridden hero of Cyborg 009, Tatsunoko's first TV series since Tekkaman replaced the short-lived video outings of the 1990s with a slightly longer series, which featured themed monsters-of-the-week just like the same studio's Battle of the Planets and an ambiguous, conspiratorial secret society inspired by Evangelion's NERV.

Series Credits
Person Name Episode Count
Hidefumi Kimura

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General Information Edit
Name Generator Gawl
Publisher Tatsunoko Production Co., Ltd
Start Year 1998
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